Slugging your way to restored skin

By Holly Evans

The beauty section on TikTok has done it again with a new viral skincare practice that helps restore and repair the skin. You’ve probably scrolled through videos on your TikTok FYP (For You Page) and noticed the popular skincare routine “slugging”. Enthused among other beauty advocates, this new craze is perfect for dry skin types, due to the prevention of transepidermal water loss (TWL) which will help keep moisture deep into the skin.

Slugging is a Korean beauty skin care practice, which no does not involve the actual usage of slugs or slug mucus, instead involves lathering a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your face. 

The involvement includes applying this thick substance all over the face as the last step in your night-time skincare routine, to help your regular products skin into the skin more effectively. With the usage of products such as Aquaphor (£9), CeraVe (£18.99) and cheaper alternative Vaseline (£2.99), to create a silky, smooth, and moisturised facial canvas.

Many TikTok users who have tried this trend for themselves, have reportedly already recognised the plump, radiant, and conditioned skin results.

With many moisturisers and hyaluronic acids, claiming for an ultimate moisture barrier, users are participating in this game-changing technique for healing on the top layer of the skin.

Going through a “Slugging” beauty video on Tiktok, comments seem to be very positive about the new K-Beauty craze.

 “I’ve been doing it with Vaseline for 3 nights now and my skin is starting to glow, and my pimples started to heal.”

“I’ve seen this originally on TikTok and my skin has never been better. I thought it would clog my pores at first, but it didn’t.”

“I have done this with Aquaphor, and it really did help my acne scaring a lot.”

How often should we be “slugging”?

Due to the variations of skin types, the usage of slugging will alter between multiple skin care enthusiasts. If you are more on the dry side then slugging every day would be beneficial for the skin, however if on the oily side, once or twice a week would be appropriate. Listening to your skin is important in trying new products/trends, and for some it may best to entirely avoid, because it could create active breakouts or make oil-prone skin even worse. But, if unsure on the overall effects of slugging, trying it once and monitoring the effects on your complexion, will help you acknowledge if your skin is compatible with the petroleum jelly.

How can we get the best effects?

Once your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, apply your regular night-time routine, choosing products that are formulated to moisturise your skin. 

After applied, it’s time to slug. So, lather on a pea-sized amount of a chosen petroleum jelly and gently massage into the skin.

For effective results, the products should be applied to the skin 30 minutes before going to bed, so the products can soak into the skin.

Then, once woken up, remove the products by washing it off and going about your morning skincare routine as usual.