Someone tell Dior to watch out, there is a new lip oil in town!

Courtesy of brand

Gisou, the Instagram aesthetic hair care brand that every millennial loves, released their honey infused lip oil this month and it is the new talk of town.

Gisou was founded in 2015 by Negin Miraslehi, who comes from a beekeeping family of  six generations. The brand is centred around honey infused products that come from the Mirsalehi bee garden highlighting the importance towards sustainable beekeeping.

What is it?

The lip oil is intensely hydrating with Hyaluronic Acid, infused with Mirsalehi honey and natural actives working together to provide plump and smooth lips whilst enhancing your natural lip colour with a golden hue.

Courtesy of brand

Why should you get it?

After one swipe your lips are instantly hydrated,softer,smoother and plumper.

The lip oil is formulated to provide the maximum moisture and protection towards dry lips and harsh climates.

How to use? 

To get the maximum effect of the lip oil :

‘’Simply glide directly onto bare lips, or underneath your favourite lipstick for an extra dimension of hydration and shine. 

Pro Tip: For the softest, smoothest finish, cleanse and exfoliate lips before applying.’’

Where can I buy?

The lip oil is now available exclusivly at Gisou with a retail price of £24

By Mansaratou Jagne