Sparkly whites!!

The trends of 2021, as we can all agree have been highly influenced by the past. From 70s style, to influences from the 80s and most importantly the glam and haughty style of the 90s and early 2000s.

Y2K style has been the craze for the past 2 years and its continuing to trail-blaze with even subtle or niche aspects becoming the biggest trends. This time it’s all about show-stopping tooth gems!

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Some background?

When we think of tooth-gems, our brains immediately jump to the 2000s. Everything was about rhinestones, glitter and sparkles. However, tooth embellishments have a much vaster history dating all the way back to Mayan culture.

From about 300CE to 900CE, it was seen as a statement of nobility that kings and queens would undergo, by drilling a hole into their teeth and filling it with jade and other precious stones.

An artefact showing precious stones inlayed into the teeth of a Mayan.

Teeth decorations like gems and grills also have a strong history in black culture, specifically that of West Indians. Due to a slow economic period this meant a lack of money for adequate health and dental care. If you lost a tooth, a gold one would have to do.

With this, West Indian immigrants brought their gold teeth to New York. The merging of cultures meant that Rap and Hip-hop brought popularity to grills all over the United States and it became the fashion statement of AA culture we know today. 

Other than the cultural significance they hold, they also do a great job at empowering a person. You don’t need veneers to have a shiny smile.

Tooth gems are accessible with prices starting at £25 and can last from a few months to years, this further adds to the freedom of expression that the gems bring and just making you look overall amazing!

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Tik-tok has brought much popularity to the “new trend” of tooth gems and tooth embellishments in general but it’s important to rock them with awareness and appreciation! 

So, will you be glitzing up your smile anytime soon?

Rokeya Rodney