Tegan Tells All!

Young, upcoming influencer and famous ASOS model Tegan- Amelia Barker has spilled her glamourous makeup tutorial that we were all dying to hear about.

To start, Tegan brushes her eyebrows with a dry spooley brush, one you can find from any Highstreet drugstore. This creates a diy laminated look that is trending all over Instagram now, and to secure in place she uses a soap bar and wipes the spooley in this to the set her eyebrows.

To follow she uses an excessive amount of the Nivea soft Moisturiser to create a glowy primed skin, which she explains is her favourite look. On top of this she uses the Hollywood Flawless Charlotte Tilbury foundation in shade 4 medium and aims to spread this over the highlighted areas of her face- Her forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. She then thickens this base with another foundation- the DXY shade 6. With this foundation she brushes it onto her face to even out her colouring and to match her gorgeous tan. 

Moving onto concealer, Tegan uses one of our favourite beauty products, the NYX creamy concealer in the shade custard to lighten her under eyes and smooth out any blemishes. 

After this, she moves onto contouring where she uses the Clinique Chubby Stick Curvy Contour on her cheeks, forehead and nose to accentuate her features, which she blends out with a stipel brush which in her opinion ‘creates the best effect’. As soon as she’s blended this out, she uses the famous Laura Mercier translucent powder to ‘bake’ under her eyes and on the slope of her nose. Whilst this is setting her face, Tegan moves onto using the Mac Gimme More bronzer and lightly brushes around her face. She also fills in her eyebrows slightly to give them more shape and tint using the Refines brow pencil in dark. 

Next, she wipes off her powder, giving it time to soak into the skin, she uses the Rimmel Max blush and brushes it slightly over her cheekbones to give her some colouring. 

Once she’s done this, she moves onto her eye makeup. To start she uses the Kat Von D shade and light palette and using the brown shadow, she creates a winged eyeliner look using an small angled brush. She then uses the Mac Coal liner in the shade coffee and fills in her waterline, creating the mysterious ‘cat’ like look that has taken over the past summer trend in makeup. 

Of course, you can’t forget the most important part of the look – the mascara! Tegan uses the Maybelline Lash Sensational to define and darken her eyelashes and bring out her eyes.

Finally, to finish it off, Tegan takes the Revolution Highlight and daintily brushes it over her cheekbones to make a little shimmer.

Abby Prowse