The 5 must have products that live up to the TikTok revolution

TikTok is currently dominating social media when it comes to trend setting. The extremely popular short video app is easy to use through the tools and prompts it provides, along with a free range of sounds, popular songs, memes, and clips from short moments on TV.  It has quickly become the favourite platform that is Gen Z dominated and there’s always a handful of makeup, skincare or haircare product recommendations and hacks displayed on your ‘for you page’.

The app can make or break beauty trends with some products going viral overnight. The creators are making authentic trustworthy content that often lives up to the hype. For instance, the number one beauty #graphic liner, as reported by the Clarins skindex report, clocked up an incredible 501,700,000 views. With endless makeup hacks and product recommendations, often being budget friendly, TikTok has filled up our feeds and makeup bags with various trends that you need to get involved with. Some of the most sought-after being soap brows, experimental liner, lip combos, ombre lips, smokey eye, reverse cat eye, glossy lips, blue eyeshadow, fluffy brows, overlined lips, and instant facelift concealer

With so much content it is easy to feel overloaded so here are our top 5 product picks

Refy brow sculpt £16

TikTok has found the perfect product that replicates the lamination effect using wax and gel to shape and hold without actually going through the chemical process. The laminated brow trend is small straight hairs that appear brushed up and set, that supermodel look, should be fluffy and defined.  

The unique formula and versatile applicators will create the perfect brow as demonstrated on the app.

Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops £31

This best loved product creates a reflective glow that Tik Tokers can’t get enough of.

Perfect for creating that dewy look, you don’t need makeup to create glow-giving finish.

A first of its kind being a highlighter, skincare, and makeup hybrid, it can be used as hydrating highlighting serum or last step to routine for a glossy finish.  

Dior addict Lip Glow Oil £29.50

This year TikTok has been obsessed with this product with users saying it is the ‘best lip oil they have ever tried’ leaving your lips feeling moisturised and juicy.  

Video after video shows that the oil adapts to all lip colours enhancing the lips natural colour bringing out a rosy glow. The non-sicky product produces unavailable, almost magnifying mirror like shine, that most TikTokers crave.

The hashtag #diorlipoil has generated more than 70 million views to date proving that it is worth your money.

Good Apple Lightweight Full Coverage Concealer £23

TikTok creators are declaring this as their new favourite concealer. It has all the pigment but without the weight and blends out easily for a natural skin like finish. The apple extract helps nourish the delicate eye area and raspberry stem cells provide deep moisturising benefits for deep hydration.

Revlon Oil-Absorbing volcanic Stone Roller £12.99

TikTok has described this product as a filter in a stick with videos transforming skin from shiny to matt in seconds without removing any makeup. Not a marketing gimmick, this filled Tik Tokers ‘For You’ page instantly, with users reacting surprised and so many happy faces…..  you know it has to be good. If your face is often prone to getting oily throughout the day this roller eliminates it whenever you need it, at home or on the go.

By Loren Thorpe