The ‘Kitten flick’ is the new on trend minimalist way to wear winged eyeliner that everyone needs to know about.

This is a toned-down version of the popular cat eyeliner. It will make you perfectly wide-eyed, without looking like you are wearing much makeup. After all understated is in!

It is ideal for the dewy, natural, light on everything look falling perfectly into the minimalist aesthetic. It fits into the natural vibe of freckles, lighter coverage foundations and brushed up soap brows for a more real effect. Fine lines can be just as effective as dramatic and with this look fine lines are key. If you tend to have shaky hands or struggle with intense eyeliner looks this is definitely an easy, trendy alternative. With a focus on lifting the face, when viewing from the side it should look as if you are wearing a set of long, thick lashes that curve outwards.

How to create this look

Make sure you have good light, and a magnifying mirror helps!

Always start from the middle of the eye instead of the middle corner. Using short thin strokes, the kitten eye should have a little flick at the end that will lift the eye. Or for the more experienced it can be achieved in one quick sweep, especially if using a forgiving eye pencil product.

If you are confident, using a liquid liner is best. Alternatively using a flat eyeliner brush with black eyeshadow or an eye pencil is a guaranteed way to perfect this look.

For those amongst us who may need a second attempt or want to clean it up to look crisp, simply use a cotton bud and eye makeup remover.

Best products on the market to achieve the Kitten flick:

Rock ‘N’ Khol

Charlotte Tilbury £19

Flyliner long-wear liquid liner

Fenty Beauty £18

Stay all day liquid liner, micro tip

Stila £17

Technakohl Liner

Mac £16

MYKITO My mini ‘on point’ buds

Lookfantastic £4.50

By Loren Thorpe