Top 5 Glowy Skin Must Haves

Since the Egyptians, makeup has been used and developed until present day. Every product and technique we use today has been reformed from years ago. We all see the latest trends on social media when it comes to fashion and makeup. One beauty trend which is used all year round is the ‘glowy skin’ look. This is made up of different products which lay lightly on the skin and create a no makeup, makeup look on the face. The best thing is, is that this look goes with EVERYTHING!

  1. Revolution glass skin primer

This is a must have for your glowy skin starter pack. This retails at £10 from Superdrug (who offer amazing student discounts and offers btw!) this product on top of a generous amount of moisturiser creates a perfect base for the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and glossy. My promise to you is that you will get compliments wherever you go about how amazing your skin looks using this product.

2. EXI Invisiwear liquid foundation

My advice to you? Chuck out that old mattifying foundation of yours and grab yourself this foundation. Why? Because your skin will look its healthiest, smoothest, and most hydrated when using this. Firstly, it’s extremely blendable and only costs £12.50, and secondly they have a wide range of skin tones to choose from so I can promise you there will be no trouble with finding your perfect match.

3. Physicians Formula Bronzer

Now imagine you are on a tropical holiday in the Bahamas sipping a few too many coladas, now imagine the smell… right now imagine all of that compacted into a small bronzer costing you only £13.95, Physicians formula is what would be created. This butter smooth bronzer glides smoothly onto the skin leaving you with this Sunkissed, summer glow on the face. Anyone would think you’ve been on holiday!

4. Physicians Formula Blusher

Nothing goes better than an iconic duo. Now imagine you are on a tropical holiday in the Bahamas with your bestie, the BF or the mumzy and you’re both sipping those same coladas. That’s how well the physician’s formula bronzer and blusher go together. This blush retails at only £9 from boots (on sale now) and is a perfect piece to have in your glowy skin routine. It’ll leave your skin looking plumped and healthy, and all beside the bronzer bestie.

5. Revolution shimmer bomb

There’s nothing like a grand finale. This lip gloss works perfectly to set the look together in place. This works well to add that extra glow on the lips and matches up cutely with the rest of the products on your face. (If you’re feeling extra, you can even add a little on the highs of your cheekbones and inner corners of your eyes to add that extra pop). This retails at only £5 and comes in so many shades!

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