Y2K 90s Brows are back. Full and Fluffy brows are out!

Recently thin 90s brows have been making a comeback to the internet from one tiktok filter that changes the appearance of the brows to make them look round and thin whilst structuring the face.

The hype of the Y2K 90s brows originally had people plucking their brows super thin and drawing a sharp line to mimic the brow.

Bella Hadid Official Instagram

This 90s brow trend has changed the makeup game and people are second guessing there fluffy, unruly brows and wanting to ditch the thick for the thin in 2022 the thin brows shown on Tiktok are slightly thicker than the original 90s craze, however, still takes the inspiration from it.

Dazed beauty quoted ‘the thin eyebrow filter has been used almost 7,000 times and counting.’ 

A lot of people are re-creating Pamela Jacksons iconic 90s makeup look and have been shocked on how much they love the finished Y2K look which is also complimentary to dewy natural skin and blusher being used as a day-to-day makeup routine.

Pamela Anderson

Jasmin Dilkes