Yuhan Wang AW22: Let’s talk makeup

By Pavlina Nikolova

I had the amazing opportunity to go to Yuhan Wang’s London Fashion Week show for her AW 2022 ready-to-wear line.

This was Wang’s first LFW show, titled “Venus in Fur”. She challenged the idea of perfection and informed on the dangers of incessant need to always look flawless. “Who is Venus in 2022? It’s not only about one type of woman.” Wang said. Inspired by the Mosuo women of South West China who believe women are the bosses. The collection is romantic and feminine but still showed strength in its structured jackets and bold patterns.

Her designs are stunning, but we need to talk about the makeup and hair which complemented the collection perfectly. Makeup was done by Rebecca Wordingham, who has worked for the likes of Dazed, W magazine, Gucci and Marc Jacobs. The focus for the makeup was the eyes. Subtle colours with a bold effect. White, green and yellow fabric in combination with false lashes was used to create a feathering layered look. Still noticeable from a distance it drew your gaze and gave the impression of long sweeping lashes. For the face the makeup was natural and glowy, combined with brushed through brows.

The overall look was very on trend with may brands focusing on eyes rather than lips since the pandemic. The fabric used on the lashes was an interesting touch, it allowed for miscellaneous movement and flow rather then a stiff fake lash. It also mirrored the ruffled edges on piece from the show. Wordingham used Saie Beauty makeup products and Epara skincare to create the looks, lashes were handmade.

As for the hair it was done by Kota Suizu, who has worked with Wang multiple times. She enhanced the romantic styling with tightly curled hair that was put into a low ponytail. Short bangs were styled to frame the face and gave ancient Greek goddess feel. This could easily be an everyday hair style and  a new way to style bangs, which everyone seems to be getting.

I appreciate how Wang thought about the makeup in detail and linked it to the pieces, I think it gave the finishing touch to the looks.