What is Danish Pastel?

Pastel themed branding and Scandinavian décor has taken over Pinterest and Instagram over the past few months; everyone wants a pastel pink candle for their room, a yellow sticker for their mirror or a lilac vase for their IKEA flowers. 

Long gone have the times for minimal black and white furniture and soft furnishings, it’s all about colour now! 

In fact, black furniture has almost completely gone out of style. Now, we prefer light colours against white staple pieces and dressers. Spring vibes all throughout the year are showing in both the fashion and interior design industries. People are loving the Danish way of living – simple, light & happy colours. Keeping it minimal while still colourful and full of joy. 

After such a long year of staying in our rooms, it’s so refreshing to see people taking even more care and thought into their décor. We want our houses to radiate happiness and serenity, which is what we have found in the Danish Pastel aesthetic.

It only takes a quick scroll through Pinterest before you will have come across a Danish Pastel picture. 

Some staples of this aesthetic include seashell motifs, swirly and decorated candles, fluffy pastel-coloured rugs, gold jewellery holders and decorations, pink duvet covers, yellow pillows, purple curtains and an abundance of mirrors wherever there is space for them. 

What do you think of this trend?

Let us know!

Written by Amy Dulwich


All images from @pearly_interiors on Instagram.