5 reasons why you need bath bombs in your life #bathbombbakeoff

The bath bomb industry is booming- don’t miss out on the hype

Recent studies have shown that the bath bomb industry will be worth $350 million by 2025. LUSH is one of the biggest leaders in the personal-care industry, with their iconic bath bombs being a staple bathroom item. Founded in 1995, the brand is forward on their ethics, with over 85% of their products being vegan and never tested on animals. They’re known globally, with production taking place across the UK, Canada, Germany and many other countries.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need bath bombs in your life, now:

1. They’re a core element of any self-care ritual

What’s more relaxing than a foamy, hot bath? After a long day of stress, a bath bomb can take your evening routine from so-so to utter serenity. Self-care doesn’t have to break the bank, it can be as simple as a cute little bath bomb and an evening to yourself.

2. Provides happiness

Everyone’s had a tough time with all the lockdowns throughout the pandemic, and a bath bomb is an easy way to boost your mood. As people, we all seek to attain a happy and tranquil life, with the aim of maximising our well-being. Achieving happiness is a journey, and every action in life is an attempt to reach that happy place- bath bombs can be the start of yours.

3. All the colours

Where do we start? For every season, colour and shape, there’s a bath bomb for it. Every time you go into LUSH, you’re hit with an array of snazzy designs and every scent you could think of; our favourites are ‘marshmallow world’ (sweet, pink, vanilla), ‘peachy’ (fruity, peachy) and ‘groovy kind of life’ (refreshing, juicy, colourful).

4. Good for the body

Classic bath bomb ingredients include luxury oils, sea salt and shea butter- all of which will leave your skin feeling moisturised and revived. Bathing with a bath bomb can also soothe your muscles, joints and bones, and ensure a good nights sleep.

5. You can make them at home

While LUSH does offer an amazing selection of bath bombs, it’s even more fun making them yourself. Carbon Live is hosting a Bath Bomb Bake Off event, where you can showcase your creative talents and be in with a chance of winning a LUSH bundle. Cheap (and vegan) ingredients like bicarbonate of soda, cornflour and olive oil will build the base of a bath bomb, and lavender or rose petals (or anything cute you have at home) will add that extra special something. Check out our Instagram for more details @carbononcampus

Written by Sophie Corderoy and Matthew Nicoll