5 Steps To Get Ready For CarbonLIVE


CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival is finally here, starting tonight at 6pm and we have the perfect routine for you to get ready and tune in!

1. Put on your comfiest clothes

Zara Jogger
Zara Joggers

We all know that, with the events of these past months, joggers and tracksuits are back and stronger than ever, and now you have the perfect excuse to get them. Zara has got the best ones and in so many colours! Click on the image and go get them for this week’s events!

2. Relax with a nice face mask

Lush Face Mask
Lush – Beauty Sleep Face Mask

There is nothing better than relaxing with a good face mask at the end of a very productive day. What better opportunity to put one on and chill than while joining the CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival? After all, this whole week of events is about self love and wellness! Check the new Beauty Sleep Face Mask in Lush by clicking on the image!

3. Get a cup of tea and some snacks


There is no better way to join in an online event than with a cup of tea and snacks. Self care is also about treating yourself to your favourite snacks sometimes and CarbonLIVE is the best excuse to do so!

4. Light some candles

Summer Morning Studios Candle
Summer Morning Studios – The Bubble Candle

Not only they are the best way to make a relaxing evening even more relaxing, but they are also a great way to decorate your room or even the perfect Christmas present for everyone! Make sure to get one for yourself by clicking on the image and light it while enjoying the CarbonLIVE events!

5. Lastly, go to @carbononcampus and tune in!

Carbon Insta

Make sure you tune in tonight at 6pm for the first event of the CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival with a very special guest, Chlo Davie talking all about fashion for the Retail Therapy Podcast hosted by Mia Bueno. Loads of more amazing things happening this week with a very exciting giveaway at the end of the festival so don’t forget to enter on the Carbon Instagram!

Written by Carla Garcia