CHLO DAVIE: Behind the Instagram Influencer

Ahead of her appearance at CarbonLIVE, we chat to Solent MA Creative Direction student about her double life

How do you keep your followers constantly engaged in your content?

I do find this one hard- I think understanding why people follow you is important. I know people follow me because of my festival/rave/quirky fashion. So when I upload a photo which doesn’t match that, my photos don’t do as well. 

A lot of Instagrammers have been criticised for the amount of paid content on their accounts, do you think that this ruins an authentic voice?

Not at all! I don’t understand why people don’t like influencers who state they get paid for certain posts. A lot of hard work goes into influencers Instagram accounts so obviously they want to get paid for it- I understand if they’re taking on paid posts which don’t match their aesthetic then it doesn’t look authentic; but if it matches their style then I don’t see the problem.

The influencer market is saturated, do you feel pressure to keep as original as possible or be like everyone else?

100% I worry so much about this- I constantly think of how I can be different and original and it’s so hard. I definitely get inspiration from other influencers but I make it into my own style- I’ve learnt you have to be yourself to make it on Instagram.

Do you feel confined by promoting brands which don’t fit your aesthetic?

I have learned to not take on jobs I am not passionate about, I used to just say yes to everything but I think once Instagram starts becoming a career and always balancing it with uni work you can’t take on everything, you don’t have the time.

What do you do with the clothes you share no longer want? 

Sell on depop or give them to my friends

Fast fashion has received negative press about its contribution to climate change – your wardrobe must have a fast turnover, how do you counteract that?

Yeah 100% I honestly just clear out my wardrobe every few months and when I have a girls night round one of my friends I let them go through the bag of clothes and they normally just take everything or if I know the items are worth a lot I just sell them on depop.

What do you think about bloggers oversharing their personal life in a bid to gain following?

It makes me sad because there must be a reason people overshare on Instagram e.g. they might not have anyone else to turn to. In all honestly I don’t post anything too deep about my personal life, I know I have beforehand and it just makes me more anxious. I think it’s amazing when people do and inspire others but I do feel like sometimes people overshare just to get likes and comments- because why else would they put it on Instagram in the first place?

You must see so many trends come and go, what do you get most excited about?

Festival fashion!!! 

Have you ever had a bad experience with your job, how do you deal with it?

Yes 100% when people who aren’t paying you get annoyed when you don’t post. People don’t understand I have a life outside Instagram- nothing annoys me more when I am out with my friends posting fun stories of us and brands are messaging me “???” on Instagram because I haven’t replied to their messages, especially on the weekend. I am not good at dealing with this and I am bad and tend to ignore because I get so annoyed.

We love your summery style, how do you make the transition to colder seasons?

I find it hard because I am definitely a summer girl- I always wear vibrant jackets and wide leg jeans to make sure I still look good

Have you contemplated designing your own collection? What would be your dream collaboration?

100%! I would love to design my own collection- I would love to come up with a festival fashion collab with Motel Rocks as they’re my favs! 

How do you deal with competitor influencers buying likes and followers?

Find it so funny because it is SO obvious! It won’t last and brands catch on- you know when Instagram has become toxic when you start doing that.

Do you see social media as a career with longevity? Do you treat it as a springboard your dream career?

I honestly can’t tell you, if it happens it happens, I will never strive after an influencer life as personally I think that is when it becomes toxic and doesn’t happen. If it is meant to be my career then it will happen naturally. At the moment I am so focused on uni but maybe in the future it could be a career for me.