CarbonLIVE #2: Meet the sponsors – New Talent Fashion

New Talent Fashion Logo

It’s time to welcome this years CarbonLIVE sponsor, New Talent Fashion. We are super excited to be partnering with this incredible brand to bring you Carbon’s Feel Good Festival!

If you have never heard about them before it’s defo time you did! Not only are they our event sponsors this year but they are giving away 10 six month premium subscriptions to their service which will be added into our amazing giveaway! Make sure you head over to our Instagram account (@carbononcampus) to enter now, you don’t want to miss out! 

So what is New Talent Fashion all about you may ask? We caught up with them to bring you all the info you need to know!

So, what is New Talent Fashion all about? 

“We are a unique platform designed to empower and showcase the next generation of fashion talent. We offer a free Digital CV area where creatives can upload their portfolio to one easy accessible area for business and industry to log in, view, contact and even hire. We present masterclasses, Q&A’s, interviews, exclusive content and we are developing our podcast, hopefully launching next month.”

“On our podcast, we are hoping to welcome some exciting guests which can shed light on some important topics, discuss their career/job role, how they got to where they are today, share words of wisdom, basically all the things we believe are important to education on within the fashion industry today. Additionally, we are in planning stages for the first ever New Talent Fashion Week. This will take place next Summer (Covid dependent!) to celebrate up and coming fashion talent.”

Who can use your platform?

“New Talent Fashion is a space for anyone and everyone. From students at college and university, right the way through to established industry experts looking for a new wave of inspiration and motivation in their careers. We aim to provide content which is suitable for all and offer a platform which connects individuals no matter their background and experience.” 

Why was New Talent Fashion created? 

“Our Founder, Siobhan O’Donnell, created New Talent Fashion in 2019 after around 15 years working within the industry. She believes there has been something missing for many years, that being a support network for those aspiring to work in the industry and those who are looking to hear from likeminded individuals who are already there. We are motivated by ensuring everyone has the same opportunity, no matter their background, whether that be socioeconomics, ethnicity, gender, life choices, education and so on. New Talent Fashion is a valuable source for industry insights, news, career advice and job searching and we always put the best interests of our users first.” 

How does New Talent Fashion help people get into the industry? 

“We believe the traditional CV is somewhat outdated in the sense that it prevents the ability to express creativity to the full. Fashion work experience is much more visual than stating a job title. We have a motto that “no bed should be under the bed work”, both literally and metaphorically speaking. More often than not, fashion creatives, whether they are students, graduates or individuals looking to enter or return to the industry, tend to forget about the work they have accumulated over the years. We are here to encourage the importance of that work, and urge our users to showcase their experience, no matter how little, for fashion businesses, recruitment and hiring experts to see.”

Why should we have a digital CV? 

“New Talent Fashion aims to bridge the gap between students, graduates, future creatives and the industry. The Digital CV is an important factor in helping us offer that opportunity and is unique in the sense of its availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The flexibility of the DCV means you can upload what you want, when you want and easily point potential employers to your online portfolio.”

How is New Talent Fashion adapting to Covid?

“As we operate digitally, New Talent Fashion never stops. We have been encouraging our users to voice their experiences through our platform, and during the Summer conducted a series on ‘Graduating without a Graduation’, which saw recent graduates around the UK, discussing the difficulties of being a fashion student at home. With less face to face interactions taking place, interviews and first interactions are tending to taking place over video call, the Digital CV helps to support this uncertain time, and gives those on the job hunt a greater opportunity to show employers their ability. As a result of Covid, we decided to remove the subscription charge for recruitment and business so that we could be as inclusive as possible and ensure equal opportunity. Our Premium Members area has developed during Covid, and we made sure to offer content to support our users during this time. We are working with Elyssa Desai Coaching to offer monthly masterclasses which touch on self growth and development, along with support around mental health.”

Do you have any advice on getting into the industry? 

“ The fashion industry is incredibly competitive which can make the environment feel incredibly uncertain and inaccessible. We are a platform which aims to remove this nature and encourage creatives to support each other, as well as themselves. The industry is tough, this is something we cannot deny, however knowledge and awareness around the role you are hoping to succeed in is key. Of course, work experience is important, however we understand that these opportunities are not always accessible, especially with the existence of unpaid internships. Our advice would be to remain self certain, and never be afraid to express yourself and celebrate your experience, no matter how little you may have. You are worthy of more than you know!”

Once again we are super excited to be partnering with such an amazing brand. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts to keep up-to-date with all the event info. It’s time to get excited!