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Ailsa Frank Hypnotherapist
Ailsa Frank Hypnotherapist

Lockdown 2.0 getting you down? Need some tips on how to balance Uni life and stress? Carbon has got you covered! We were lucky enough to speak to Ailsa Frank, wellness and hypnotherapy expert, on her top tips and tricks to make you feel great from within. Ailsa is the author of ‘Cut the Crap’ and pulls from her own personal experience to help others. We talk to Ailsa about her best ways to stay motivated as well as what wellness is to her. 

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What is wellness to you? 

Creating simple, doable daily rituals that enhance your wellbeing and making them a way of life; such as having a nice shower with a scented shower gel that makes you smile, cooking creative recipes within budget, giving back to yourself rather than always putting yourself under emotional pressure.

What made you want to go into the wellness industry? 

My own life fell apart in 2002 after years of stress which resulted in having a mental breakdown. I realised then that mental health is just a build up of the little things. I embarked on a journey to help myself but then wanted to share this to help other people avoid the pitfalls of not listening to their own needs. 

What are your 3 top tips to push yourself out of your comfort zone? 

1) Remember all your amazing skills and talents that you have built so far. Remind yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. 

2) Don’t think of it as ‘going out of your comfort zone’ but instead ‘expanding your comfort zone’ absorbing new knowledge and experiences. 

3) Visualise it a year from now, as if you are looking back having excelled. Imagine you have even surprised yourself at how well you are doing and how comfortable you feel. See yourself in a great career as if your Uni investment has all paid off and it is all behind you.

Do you believe the pandemic has had people practising wellness more often? 

The pandemic has been an opportunity for people to reevaluate their lives and work out what is important and how they really want to live.  My clients priorities have changed and part of this is trying to live a more mindful life, not chasing for things that aren’t important anyway and being kinder to themselves. I suggest you ‘go with the flow’ as you think of the pandemic as ‘a phase we are all passing through’.

What do you believe is the best way to deal with stress, particularly when at uni? 

Minimise everything down so it all looks like a dollhouse which will stop you feeling overwhelmed or out of your comfort zone. Write down your worries so you can take them out of your head and stop them from making you feel worse. Be firm with yourself – say “I can and I will and I am getting everything done. Done. Done. Done.”

Where did the idea for your APP come from? 

I had been selling hypnosis downloads for the past ten years so the APP was a natural progression to give my followers a better listening experience. The development took 2 years so the APP is quite a milestone of many years of hard work and it makes me smile to know the comfort and support it will bring to everyone. The butterfly logo represents freedom, hope and a time of change like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The recordings allow you to overcome your challenges of the past and transform into a more amazing version of yourself today. 

How do you feel the APP is a useful way of offering support? 

You can listen to whatever suits you based on how you are feeling as some days you may want to listen for motivation to the 10 minute Time Management, another day Fit and Well, or Boost confidence or simply just switch off to the Deep Relaxation. My recordings shift limiting habits and will help you to be the best happy version of yourself.

For students studying online, it’s hard to keep engaged and motivated, what are your best tips to tackle this problem? 

Stick to a strict routine; set your alarm for the same time each day, get up, get dressed, eat fresh foods, structure your day as if you are in a job, set goals for the day and plan for the week, join on-line lectures and social gathering, get at least an hour of daylight to lift your mood and reset your body clock. Act as if you have a busy diary and keep up a motivated pace during your working day but have separation between work and relaxation time.

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Check Ailsa’s website out here: www.ailsafrank.com