#CarbonLIVE: Giveaway Brand – Take It Off

We are super excited to announce that Take It Off have partnered with us for this years exciting giveaway! Head over to our Instagram (@carbononcampus) now to enter, there are so many amazing prizes to be won! 

If you haven’t heard of Take It Off already then where have you been? They are defo a brand you don’t want to miss! But don’t you worry, we spoke to the founder to give you all the info you will need to know…

What is Take It Off all about?

“Take It Off is all about cutting down on waste and making the process of makeup removal effective and easy. Take It Off towels are reusable makeup removal towels which remove all traces of makeup (including waterproof and longwear formulas) with just warm water. The towels are made from the finest threads of polyester, where each thread is one hundred times thinner than a human hair. When woven together, they create a surface area significantly larger than that of traditional fibres, allowing them to attach themselves to the most microscopic specks of dirt and oils, and absorb them gently from your skin. The towels can be machine washed up to one thousand times before needing to be replaced. We launched Take It Off in New Zealand in 2016 and sell a range of towels in different sizes and colours. The large black towel is our number one seller so we have started with that for our launch here in the UK. In 2021 we are looking to bring in other sizes and colours of the towel.”

Why is it important to switch to reusable makeup towels?

“Where to begin!? There are so many benefits to using the towels. Firstly, they don’t require any product to remove makeup. Pre-Take It Off, makeup removal was something I absolutely dreaded. I have extremely sensitive skin and disposable wipes or removal products always flared up my skin, particularly around my eyes. The towels are more effective and do not leave residue. Say goodbye to Panda Eyes! The towels are also great for your wallet. They can be machine washed up to one thousand times before needing to be replaced. The towels are purely for makeup removal and then you can continue with your favourite skin care routine and products.”

When was Take It Off Launced?

“We launched Take It Off in New Zealand in 2016 and it totally ‘took off’ (excuse the pun). We currently have over 80 stockists (salons and shops) in NZ selling the towels. The towels are backed by beauticians and the feedback from them has only been positive. Now living in London, it was a no brainer to introduce them to the market. People need and deserve to know about them! We launched in May this year and are starting to spread the word.”

Do you have any good tips for looking after your skin?

“1. Always always take off your makeup before bed. Even if you’re exhausted or it’s 3 in the morning, make sure you do it. When you fall asleep with makeup on, it can lead to clogged pores and potential breakouts. 

2. Drinking enough water is essential. Your skin can react to dehydration, causing it to flake or to break out in response. I make sure I carry around a reusable water bottle in my handbag everywhere I go so I’m never caught out without water.

3. Exfoliation is essential to a good skincare regime. Chemical exfoliators are great, like AHAs, BHAs, or enzyme-based formulas, as they effectively cleanse your pores and dissolve dead skin cells while promoting skin regeneration, leaving your skin radiant. With that said, make sure you only use a chemical exfoliator two to three times a week to avoid over-exfoliation.”

As well as being one of our amazing giveaway brands Take It Off have also given you all a 20% off discount codeCARBON20 – which can be used on their website to purchase one of their incredible makeup removal towels! Now it’s time to spread the word and change up your skincare essentials!