#CarbonLIVE Meet the Guests – Chlo Davie

Chlo Davie Carbon

She is back and better than ever. Influencer Chlo Davie talks to Carbon on the lead up to the #CarbonFeelGoodFestival all about her self care routine and how fashion makes her happy as well as explaining how her life has changed since she graduated from Solent University.

Chlo Davie Carbon

What do you do to do ensure you have a happy mindset?

Always having a good book to read, I honestly find when I’m not reading I don’t feel motivated at all as I just go on my phone instead! Every morning I write down three things I’m grateful for, my three affirmations and my manifestations to get me in the right mindset. I also have locks on my social medias so I can only be on socials for an hour to avoid me constantly being on my phone- however it is hard to do this because when editing photos/ videos it takes up a lot of time so I do go over.  

How does fashion make you happy?

Clothes are so powerful in lifting your mood- even if I’m not doing anything for the day I will always get changed because it makes me feel 10 times better than just staying in my pjs all day. It also helps me express myself, I feel like I’m at my happiest when I’m dressed up in a sassy outfit it gives me a lot of confidence! 

What did you do through lockdown to keep positive?

I kept to a routine and always made sure I was busy but if I was having a bad day I would accept that- always take every day as it comes! I got into Yoga which has really helped me and also went vegan which got me cooking a lot more and made me feel so much better about myself as I know I was eating healthy food! I also did fun things with my mum like baking! Having my family around me in these times made me positive about the future and in these hard times- [I] was very grateful for them! 

What is your self care routine?

I honestly love nothing better than drinking some wine on a Sunday then showering (shaving, exfoliating, bubble bath and washing my hair) then fake tan, tint my eyebrows/ eyelashes and put a face mask on- then do my skincare routine and sit in bed painting my nails watching a series (love the Queens Gambit and Emily in Paris) whilst having a cup of tea and some chocolate.

How has your life changed since you graduated from Solent university?

I graduated this year from my masters in September and not going to lie it was very daunting and scary being in the ‘real world’. My outlook on life has 100% changed, I guess the stereotypical pressures of getting a 9-5 job in PR scared me a lot (there is lots of competition, whether people mean it or not, in friendship groups on who’s got the best job or getting the most money!) I was applying for jobs with good companies and getting interviews and sitting back thinking ‘do I really want this job or am I just doing it for the sake of being like everyone else?’ so I didn’t go through with lots of interviews and learnt to put your happiness first! If I got any of those jobs, I wouldn’t be happy and I think taking risks and being different is so important. At the moment Instagram is my only source of income whilst I am applying for jobs that I actually might want…however COVID and leaving uni has made me realise life is too short to be doing things like everyone else! So my risk is not getting a job and trying to do Instagram full time (I guess in these times I can take full advantage of this!) and putting myself first! I have no clue what the future brings for me and I know it’s scary…if you spoke to me at the start of the year prior to COVID I wanted a job in social media straight after my master’s whereas now I want to travel and be as present as possible! Mental health and happiness is so much more important than sitting in a 9-5 job you’re going to hate.

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