#CarbonLive Meet the Guests – Sam Freedman

CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival has finally arrived, this week we’ll be hosting a series of podcasts and masterclasses and we’ll be going live tonight (24th Nov) with beauty journalist Sam Freedman for our very first masterclass – get ready to ‘Get your Glow On’.  

So, to get to know Sam a little better, we asked her a few questions about her career, favourite beauty products and more!

1. Firstly, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I jumped into interning after a short art foundation course at Kingston University. I tried lots of different industries and roles that excited me from TV, film and fashion, before landing an internship at British Vogue within their beauty department. I loved it! Then continued to work within beauty journalism as a beauty editor, for the next 10 years. I worked across titles such as Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, Stylist and Grazia Magazine. 

I then wanted to start my own company after seeing a huge gap in the market for independent brands looking to grow and expand. So I began consulting for retailers looking to add a complementary beauty category, recommended the very best brands and products for them, then took care of on the buying process for them.

I quickly discovered that in order to grow the company (and update a very manual process) I needed to digitise the process and create an online platform for retailers, so they could simply browse and buy the very best independent brands all in one place. That’s what Curate Beauty is! 

2. Could you tell us about your brand Curate beauty?

We’re a wholesale marketplace platform designed specifically for independent beauty, grooming and wellness brands. We have over 160 brands on the platform covering skincare and hair, makeup, candles, fragrances and accessories too! We work with over 180 retailers to provide them with great new indie brands for them to stock at their stores and on their online platforms too! 

3. Do you think people are now looking for more niche beauty brands?

Absolutely. Smaller brands can cater to specific needs in society at a much faster speed than bigger beauty conglomerates. These founders locate gaps in the market and aim to fill them with their brands. They normally speak more to the end customer, share a unique personality and are able to be nibble to current affairs like sustainability, philanthropy and social impacts. We mainly work with small independent retailers but have also been approached by much bigger department stores who want to make their beauty halls more unique with these niche brands. 

4. As a beauty journalist, how have your past experiences helped you run your business? (Previous work experience, interning, job roles etc)

Interning was such a great moment in my career. I got to see how different teams worked together across various different industries. I learnt what I liked and what worked well and it’s definitely helped me when structuring my team, but also in how to motivate my team. I always knew when I started my own company that I wanted to have a family-feel, and that is how our team, of now four, operate. 

5. How did you stay positive as a business owner during the COVID pandemic?

That’s a tough one! If our business can survive a global pandemic at its infancy, we are doing something right. We are a very hard working team and have high monthly goals and targets that we work towards to try and always beat our previous months. So far, through a lot of graft, we’ve been able to do that! 

6. Do you think beauty/skincare has room in the wellness industry?

Absolutely, we are seeing the cross over between categories so much more now. Skincare brands like Wild Source Apothecary have created rituals and meditation practises to sit alongside the range of products, and with the popularity of skin tools – rollers and gua shas- it’s really encouraged us to take a bit of time out for ourselves and self-care. 

7. If you could recommend your 3 favourite beauty/skincare products, what would they be?

Flexi Skin Tools Gua Sia 

Five Dot Botanicals Facial Cleansing Balm

Mon Pure Shampoo & Conditioner 

8. Where do you see your business in 5 year’s time?

We’d like to be global – providing retailers across Europe, US and Asia with the very best indie beauty brands. Transforming their business into more of a 360 lifestyle space. We are seeing everyone from beauty salons and yoga studios, co-working spaces and hotels branch more into beauty and it’s so exciting! 

Don’t forget to tune into  #CarbonFeelGoodFestival this week over on our Instagram! Sam Freedman will be live with all her skincare tips tonight (24th Nov) at 5:30pm.