#CarbonLIVE Meet the Guests- Simon Glazin

As I am sure you are all aware by now, CarbonLIVE is back, and this year we are bringing it to you in the form of a Feel Good Festival where we will be hosting a week-long series of podcasts and masterclasses. 

On Wednesday the 25th of November, we will be hosting you an Agony Uncle podcast session with the fabulous Simon Glazin. Simon is an extremely talented writer and blogger, winning Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Male Blogger of The Year, alongside blogging Simon also hosts a hilarious podcast called Big Mouth which covers all-things fashion, food, music and fabulosity and on top of that he is also a published author with his books Life Lessons from a Dachshund and Gym Junkies; so as you can imagine we feel very lucky that he has managed to fit us in to his busy schedule. 

In the Agony Uncle Podcast we will be discussing all things male body positivity, social media and how to stay positive in these difficult times. However, as the Agony Uncle title suggests, Simon will also be there to answer anyones questions who is watching; so whether you want to ask him career advice, how to take a good selfie or even tips for first date nerves; Simon is there to answer it all.

So you all get to him a little more, we asked Simon a few questions about how he stays positive, what he wishes he could tell his 18 year old self and what his day-to-day routine looks like!

1.What do you do for work? 

I’m the Social Media Manager at Matalan, so look after social channel strategy and also the influencer programme, but I have also written two books, have my fashion blog and a dog lifestyle website, so keep busy

2. What does your average day look like?

I get up and do a little workout to start the day (literally 25 minutes), then take the dogs out for a walk. I’m then at my desk for 8.30am for a day of calls and Teams meetings. I’ll be looking at the Matalan social channels, and then planning more influencer collaborations, speaking with all the teams within the company to organise trade events etc. I’ll finish work at about 6pm, but obviously being in the social media world, you never really switch off. After work I’ll then take the dogs out again, say hello to my husband and start thinking of blog ideas or more book ideas to pitch out. I’ll work on anything that I’m writing maybe for an hour or two, and then I’ll turn the TV on and not move from the couch! I have found though that I tend to want to leave the house after finishing work otherwise I might not see another person the whole week! 

3. How has social media had a positive influence on your life?

It actually goes further back then social media. Starting a blog when I did – almost 12 years ago – has afforded me so many amazing experiences but also I have built a big contacts book of people that have given me jobs, including my current role at Matalan. So really, having the blog has gotten me through my working life. Social media however just brings it all to life a big more. I used to see Instagram as something I HAD to do, somewhere I had to post nice pictures of myself to try and build a following, but now it’s more than that. For me, it’s a place to spread a positive message, especially about body image. Also, I’ve met some of my best friends through social media, so I thank it for that! 

4. What content can people expect to see from you on your Instagram?

I’ve started to put out quotes and phrases that sum up how I feel about body image and diets. They are sometimes personal, but sometimes more general. I’ve seen a really positive response from them. But then obviously fashion is my main love, so I try to put my spin on different looks, but always relating them back to body image and positivty. I also tend to buy a lot of womenswear as I like the cuts and fit, so I filter that in there too. On Stories, I’m usually talking about Cher or Dolly Parton, someone fabulous like that, or just posting fashiony things that I’m obsessed with. 

5. What is your go-to pick me up when you’re feeling down, especially in these uncertain times?

I go for a walk with the dogs to clear my head. Or I’ll watch something entertaining on Netflix (Schitt’s Creek, The Crown, Rupaul’s Drag Race). I’m obsessed with TikTok right now too, so I can easily lose an hour on the app, laughing at people’s videos. Or I read. 

6. What’s one piece of advice you wish you could give your 18 year old self?

To not care so much what other people think of you! You waste so much energy worrying about if people think you’re too fat or too gay or too loud. But really, WHO CARES? Also, lose weight for YOU and no one else. You aren’t on this earth to please other people. Like Rupaul always says: what other people think about you is none of YOUR business! 

Find Simon at:

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/theverysimong/?hl=en

Simon’s book: https://amzn.to/2K5qlvw

Podcast: https://apple.co/2JAwvRq

Blog: www.theverysimong.dailymail.co.uk

Dog Lifestyle site: www.lifestyletails.com

Don’t forget to tune in to #CarbonFeelGoodFestival over on our Instagram on the evening of Wednesday the 25th of November for your opportunity to ask Simon any of your quest