#CarbonLIVE: Meet the team!

If you hadn’t already heard the news, CarbonLIVE is THE event on everyone’s lips this winter and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on! 

Brought to you by the final year Fashion Media team, CarbonLIVE sees students work together and culminate their ideas into a series of interactive events, exclusive to Solent University. 

We’re ALL about giving you insider access to CarbonLIVE, so without further ado, let’s introduce the team who’ve been working so tirelessly on the event so far. Give them a wave if you see them around campus – they might need a coffee….or a cocktail.

Associate Lecturer & Event Director: Hannah

Heading up the team is Associate Lecturer  and Solent alumni Hannah. A stylist and writer who’s worked for Asos, Oasis, Cosmopolitan and MailOnline, Hannah’s been to more fancy industry do’s than you can shake a pornstar martini at, so she knows a thing or two about a successful event!

“Guiding the fashion media students in planning CarbonLIVE has been, without question, the most rewarding part of my career as a fashion lecturer to date. I wanted CarbonLIVE to break the mould and follow in the path of industry events with a focus on interaction and engagement, as well as providing a 360 marketing strategy for Carbon on Campus the magazine. My goal was to give students first hand experience of how professional events management teams are run so they’re armed with an unrivalled set of skills when they graduate. It has been so exciting to see the team work together and feel so passionately about their subject.”

Production Manager: Holly

More organised than a FunFax, Holly is CarbonLIVE’s resident Production Manager, and is responsible for scheduling, sourcing props and venues, budgeting and fundraising. Kris Jenner, who?

“CarbonLIVE is opening up the conversation for young creatives. We’re not just fashion students who want to talk about fashion; we want to talk about health, body image, beauty, art, careers and mental health. Carbon on Campus has been shortlisted as student magazine of the year at the STACK Awards, so it goes to show there’s a desire for thought provoking, creative journalism.” 

Talent Manager: Erin

Already a bonafide influencer having collaborated with Boohoo and Elsie & Fred, Erin heads up the artist division by scouting and booking talent, as well as curating video content for the CarbonLIVE social channels.

“Working on CarbonLIVE has been a total confidence boost; I’ve learned how to contribute to group discussion and network which will be key skills for when I’m in industry. CarbonLIVE recognises the need to bring students together to network just like they would in industry. Building relationships now will bring exciting opportunities throughout uni and beyond.”

Social Media Editor: Emily B

What Emily doesn’t know about social strategies and engagement rates just isn’t worth knowing – teasing BTS content and sparking an online buzz is her super power.

“Whilst at uni I’ve learned that results reflect effort. Nothing has been spoon fed – it’s about us working as a team to make something successful, which is so rewarding. I’ve applied this to CarbonLIVE by treating it like a real job so I have something concrete to show employers.”

Artwork Editor: Tegan

Graphics guru Tegan could design a logo with her eyes shut, and has been responsible for developing striking concepts for promo material such as the banners, posters and save the dates. Illustrator and InDesign? Tegan’s completed it mate.

“Before uni, I’d never used InDesign or illustrator. Fast forward two years and I’m using both programs daily to create original vectors, digitally draw and lay out page designs. Software skills I’ve learned at uni have made my role as graphic designer professional and slick – I take great pride in being able to accurately translate concepts to high quality final products.”

Public Relations Officer: Emily Rose

She’s on fashion’s front line and our go-to gal for securing the most talked about locations and partnerships for CarbonLIVE. She can also strike a mean deal (prosecco, not politics) and has negotiated drinks discounts, free gelato AND has even designed a Carbon Cocktail.

“CarbonLIVE is our passion project. For three years now Carbon on Campus has been our baby – a platform which we’ve built from nothing. Working alongside popular brands and incorporating influential people sets CarbonLIVE apart from other student-led events as we are focussed on creating a creative community. I’m so excited  to see it all come to life – over a cocktail or two.”

Graphics & Branding Manager: Megan

Our resident concept queen Megan has been working closely with Tegan on our graphics design, ensuring all assets and promotional material stay true to the CarbonLIVE ethos. From step and repeat boards, to cocktail menus, and posters you’ll see her branding handy work everywhere you look at CarbonLIVE. All in a day’s work!

“The key skill I have learned at uni is to keep content in line with your brand and event. We’re putting this into practice with everything from designing content to decorating venues – it all needs to fit into the Carbon branding to appeal to our target audience.”

Partnerships Coordinator: Emily S

In charge of sponsorships and commercial, Emily’s little black book is bulging with contacts across all sectors from fashion, to beauty and catering. Emily’s also Carbon’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw, having interviewed some of our exciting guest speakers.

“CarbonLIVE is created purely by young creatives for young creatives, which has given us a valuable insight into our target audience. I’ve used this to inform me when approaching brands to partner with us for goody bags and sponsorships. Working together to create a professional, exciting event is a key skill I’ve learned whilst planning CarbonLIVE.”

PR & Marketing Manager: Olivia

If you think you’ve got good chat, meet Olivia – she’s the unrivalled word spreader of CarbonLIVE!

Olivia’s been on the ground promoting the events, developing initiatives to increase audience engagement and pitching stories to platforms like the Student Union and Southampton Echo. 

“We have been given absolute free rein when planning CarbonLIVE – we are all in charge and any idea is possible, which has done wonders for my self confidence. I’m excited about all of the events – especially the Beauty Bar where students can book in for make up masterclasses and the Design Studio where you can snap up a custom made T-shirt by FacesorFaces!”

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Special thanks to Rachel Lamb & John Whalvin for their ongoing support for CarbonLIVE