#CarbonLIVE presents…Laura Martin

Here at Carbon, in the lead up to CarbonLIVE we interviewed Laura Martin. @martystylist is a freelance stylist who will be talking in our LIVE podcast giving valuable information on the industry.

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You’ve contributed to some amazing titles including Elle,  Vogue Italia and Grazia – what do you love most about print journalism?

Having worked in monthlies /weeklies / 360 roles – I maybe slightly bias but it was always/is  – seeing something in print that you can’t/couldn’t see anywhere else first . It was the anticipation of new season/ fresh / newness / of what was to come – they were like bibles you’d be excited about what was about to hit the shops . There’s no distinction between articles online now really  . It’s click bait . With print you’re also creating an end product – you see the production process / the creative process . I think print also allows for more creativity, more originality something you can aspire too , you can mould it as much as you want. Although unfortunately print is not as appreciated as it once was, we have a different generation who weren’t bought up on it . This generation are used to getting everything now,  at the touch of fingertips . I hope it changes and print gets reintroduced where the mystery is maintained a lil bit or we work out the perfect balance . Being able to flick through and seeing/feeling the paper /print in front of you is still one of my favourite things . I love seeing editorial shoots in Print there’s something you can connect with having it in front of you . There’s not so much magic associated with something being online I mean I still buy books over kindles . There’s nothing like the smell of print / paper.

Many prestigous titles such as Marie Claire and InStyle have closed – how have print publications had to adapt to engage the digital consumer?

The digital consumer is a completely different consumer in how they absorb information and how they want their information given to them . Digital is fast / snappy you need to be able to draw people in with a short punchy headline / they don’t have time to read lengthy articles or don’t want to – they want to be able to literally click and go but you have to be able to hold their interest for just long enough . It’s clever marketing and being clever in the way you ‘sell’ and give over content

What makes your digital content different that will keep consumers coming back time and time again?

You have to pinpoint who you are and where your relevancy lies,  but also remaining authentic in everything you do or say .

Do people actually still read articles ?

I think this generation coming up years 12 + is slightly more open and cares more about the world than the previous of the Kim K generation but that generation paved the way for 360 digital content, they opened up the doors through IG/ through YouTube.  Society has a hunger for newness and freshness now in the way it has never had before in that sense .   The world is changing which has allowed for all opinions / openness / honesty / authenticity / and every’body’ can join in there are no rules anymore . You just have to keep evolving with the times/ but also being open to learn everyday . There’s no right or wrong in the digital world because it’s always onto ‘the next’ within 24 hours . Everything is temporary 

Carbon on Campus is a magazine that’s dedicated to satisfying young creatives. What’s exciting about the new wave of stylists and writers breathing new life into the industry?

 I think the new wave has allowed/ paved the way for all humans to do what they love and believe in and are passionate about . It allows an accessibility that wasn’t necessarily there before and that authenticity . The world is your oyster and everyone is creative in their own right and you present yourself how you like . Stylists/Writers can showcase who they are through various platforms like IG it doesn’t have to necessarily have to be ‘the normal’ route of editorial as we know it . ‘Stylist and ‘writer’ it’s not traditional anymore . It means the momentum and the energy uplifts the industry as a whole it takes itself less seriously but still has all the intellect and balance . There is room for everyone and everyone makes the difference . 

As a freelance stylist, you’re used to working for different clients. How do you ensure you’re always tailoring your work to fit varying briefs and readerships?

The client wants you because of your particular ‘style’ or who you are and how you would add to their brand/aesthetic / outlook on things . But at the end of the day it’s a two way conversation and a team behind the end result and the client has an aesthetic that they have to stick to because of what the consumer expects . So it’s always about working towards what the client wants and why you can add to it . I never force someone into something that they are not happy with or doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the brand – it’s about enhancing and creating . It’s trial and error dependant on human or brand . It’s so subjective . As long as you are open and willing to learn form one another you can achieve together . Being on the same wavelength is a must .

In industry, clients often change creative teams  which encourages you to develop a thick skin – as a freelancer how do you ensure you’re not taking it personally?

I believe in changing it up in any editorials I produce,  working with different MUA/Photographers, hair folk etc . I believe brands/clients have to change up teams . You need to be able to work with all types of different humans . It gives you new experiences / growth / expansion .  It evolves both you as a person and your work as well as the brand you learn from working with new people. You have to roll with change or you will stay stagnant . I have the same outlook in life anyway I don’t take anything personally in life because everyone is working within their own limitations and what someone else is doing doesn’t effect you . It’s business things have to keep moving it’s not personal to you nothing ever is . 

Despite being one of the biggest economies in the world, fashion is a superficial game! In an industry that’s so focused on appearance, do you find it hard not to compare yourself?

No , straight up . I don’t compare myself ever I never have done really . I actually stay true to myself pretty much all the time . Don’t get me wrong I support other people in the Industry because that’s who they are and what they are doing right now works for them but it doesn’t effect me, why would it, that’s their own journey . Everyone has a different path to forge . I think people can see that I’m authentic there’s no airs and graces,  it’s just me . I pretty much do whatever I want in terms of appearance. Free spirit . I just belong to myself . I don’t necessarily fit into any box . I don’t follow trends I just wear it how I want . It’s just a mix of me really you don’t always get what you think you would with me . 

We love your Instagram page! How does it represent your personality? How have you carved out the niche which your followers clearly love?  

I love hearing that always nice to hear . I just do me I put things on that I like I don’t follow what everyone else is doing . You want people to come to your IG page to feel uplifted – that’s something I’m working on how to give more value actually so it’s still a work in progress . But if I like a quote or message that resonates with the now / or present timing I’ll get it out in a way that people can relate to easily or something . With fashion/photography or humour . if I like it I’ll put it on the grid . I literally have two filters that I use and that it’s aesthetics wise . I keep it pretty simple and truthful . 

University can be a stressful time for students, what are your top tips for creating a work/life balance to ensure you’re looking after your mental health?

Breathe – seriously people don’t realise how even taking 5 mins in the morning to centre yourself can set you up for the day .Get into a routine first thing in the morning of uplifting your mood however that works for you . It’s about figuring out who you are and being OK with what lifts you up . It’s really re wiring how your brain works . You have to start with you every time it’s about making yourself happy from within first . External things should not effect you . 

Make sure you are taking the time out of your day from uni work –  for yourself to do these things be it exercise, eating, going for a coffee, walk, listening to uplifting music , mediations , talking with friends anything that just takes you into joy mode, be a kid again.

If you are struggling though or highly stressed make sure you are speaking to someone about it . It’s just about having someone listen to you sometimes that’s all you need . None of us have all the answers we just take each day as it is . 

What would be your best confidence boosting skill for students entering the industry after graduating?

Just be you. Everybody has something to give . Everyone has a talent a skill that other people can learn . It’s not about who works the hardest it’s about who enjoys the hardest . Not everything will always be sweetness and light in the industry but that’s just contrast showing you, teaching you expansion . If you take all the experiences that get thrown at you with ease like it was meant to happen . Then your life will be joy. 
Always be you . That’s all you ever need .