CarbonLIVE presents…The Make-up Society

Carbon speaks to Lydia, head of Solent’s make-up society ahead of CarbonLIVE.

Solent University is one of the few universities to host a Make-up society. The Make-Up society here at Solent consists of a group of highly creative individuals coming together to create amazing looks. The make-up society is also the main event at Carbon’s ‘On the Couch’, one of CarbonLIVE’s four events. At this event the Solent make-up artists will help attendees with make-up tutorials, masterclasses and free 30 minute treatments. Lush Cosmetics will also be in attendance where they will host a bath bomb masterclass.

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Why was the makeup society set up?

The Makeup industry is growing rapidly, as is the desire for people to study it. The makeup society was set up to allow the hundreds of students studying makeup at Solent (and makeup enthusiasts) to get together, form relationships, make contacts and get experience!

What does it bring to Solent?

The society brings a well rounded artistic community to the university, which many other universities do not have! 

How will it help students when they enter industry?

We aim to help our members obtain work experience through our contacts as well as work with each other in order to expand their portfolio, form relationships with contacts as well as learning how to perform professionally.

Why should students join the makeup society?

We are a friendly, close knit community who offer a variety of artistic opportunities as well as the opportunity to make friends, dress up and have fun!

What does being in the makeup society entail?

Being in the society involves paying a £5 standard membership or a £10 membership with a personalised T-shirt. We often plan socials, trips, events and offer work experience!

What are your top budget beauty hacks?

My top budget beauty hack’s have got to be; if you are short of cash, you can use multiple products for multiple things. For example you can use an eyeshadow palette, such as the ABH modern renaissance palette as one example, for bronzer, blusher, highlight and eyeshadow! All makeup products are safe on the face so you can play around and experiment on how they work in different areas!

What’s amazing about the services you’ll be offering at the beauty bar?

The fact that we are able to offer free, short masterclasses to makeup enthusiasts by working artists is a wonderful opportunity, often it’s costly and difficult to obtain this one to one contact with a professional artist who can help you achieve your desired look!

What are your top favourite beauty buys and why?

My favourite beauty buys have got to be the Mario Badescu face sprays, they have different sprays for different skin types and they help provide your skin with the vitamins it needs as well as creating a flawless base and finish for your makeup! Another favourite beauty buy of mine is the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette’s, by far my favourite eyeshadow formula and they have palettes for beginners and pro’s!

What are your 3 beauty do’s and don’ts?

My three beauty do’s have got to be – make sure you get a skin match for your foundation, no orange lines! ALWAYS prep the skin before makeup, this can make it look so much better and much more fresh! Identify your skin type so you can engineer your products and techniques to it and get a beaut look!

My three beauty don’ts are – Don’t skip brush cleaning day, brushes harbour bacteria and can often lead to bad skin or even sometimes infections! For those learning eyeshadow, DON’T start with bright matte’s, always start with neutrals and shimmers, they are much easier to blend and remove when practicing! Don’t keep products for longer than a year, this is because they can expire, damage your skin, harbour bacteria and give off a nasty smell! Yuck! 

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty, to me, is a form of expression. It has fastly become an art form in which people can use colours and techniques to turn their faces from a blank canvas to a masterpiece!

What is the most important beauty advice you would give someone?

The most important beauty advice I would give is to PRACTICE! Often people get frustrated with products, but makeup specifically takes a lot of practice and effort to get that flawless look, so don’t give up!

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about an education and career in makeup?

I would honestly say if it is something you want to pursue then it is well worth it! The industry is growing rapidly, and so many more jobs and opportunities within the makeup and beauty industry are popping up. There are so many possibilities, and here at Solent the course provides knowledge in every area that allows you to break into any area of the industry!

Where can our readers find you if they’re interested in joining the makeup society?

If you are interested in joining the society, you can either contact us @solentmakeupsociety on Instagram, or you can log onto the students union website and find us under the ‘Your Opportunities’, then ‘Societies’ Tab!

Interview by Emily Salmon