Hosting an event in Lockdown – #CarbonLIVE

So as you all probably know by now, CarbonLIVE is heading online as we present to you our Feel Good Festival next week between the 23rd and 28th of November over on our Instagram Live. Though we are so excited to share this with you, and hope it will bring some positivity and joy to each and every one of your lives in these difficult times, this online festival was not the original plan…

This year has seen the world of event planning and media completely flipped on its head by everyone’s worst enemy, COVID. The thought of planning, or going to anything, without a mask or with more that 5 other people, feels like a distant memory; however, it has made people get creative with ideas, and saw more people joining together and supporting one other online.

When it came to planning CarbonLIVE, we were faced with the difficulty of planning an event in an unpredictable time. As the start of October came around, we began mind mapping what we wanted to do, and at this point had hoped that we would get the opportunity to host an in-person event as Carbon strives to create a community feel and bring like-minded people together, but that hasn’t turned out to be the case. 

Though at first this could be seen as a negative, this change in circumstances has made our events feel more needed than ever because, as the title says, it’s so important to be bringing positivity and a feel-good factor into everyone’s lives at the moment. 

So, how have we changed our events and adapted to these new rules to make our series of podcasts and masterclasses as enjoyable as possible? You’re about to find out…

  1. Getting planning

As you can imagine, it’s not been the easiest time for teamwork, but we have done our best through the use of group chats, zoom calls and a couple of socially distanced meetings to get the event together; which definitely felt very odd compared to the university life we had gotten so used to. To help with communication and to divide the work we split ourselves into two teams: the podcast and the masterclass team. Though we very much all worked together on the festival, it was easier for us to split in two, so each person could have a role, these varying from content and social media managers, to creative production and graphics teams. 

  1. Where to host the events

Obviously this stage previously would have seen us venue searching at different bars and creative spaces in Southampton, but by moving online it instead saw us exploring different social media’s and their practicalities. Deciding which was best to use was a difficult decision for us to make as every platform had its positives and negatives, but we mainly wanted to make sure the festival was easy for our readers to tune in to, and also allowed people to interact by sending in questions. This led us to decide that Instagram Live was the best option as its where we have the largest amount of followers, post the most and somewhere that also allows viewers to send questions in (make sure you’re sending in your questions for an extra entry to the giveaway!).  

  1. Getting everyone excited

As mentioned previously, though none of us were happy when we entered lockdown 2.0, it did give our team the feeling that these events were suddenly even more important than ever as we knew people were in desperate need of an injection of positivity. To ensure people were getting the feel good factor we wanted from our festival, we knew we wanted to treat our followers with content they would be missing, or wanting to watch, in lockdown. To start with we knew we knew we wanted to treat our followers to a giveaway full of amazing prizes, and we think we did quite a good job if we do say so ourselves. After a lot of hard work by all the team, we managed to pull together an amazing giveaway with ten prize winners so as many people can win prizes as possible! Prizes consist of L’Oreal products, PLT vouchers, free haircuts, eyelashes, New Talent Fashion subscriptions and many more…

Link to the Instagram competition post ( Entries close on 29/11) –

We also wanted to ensure people were excited about the content of our events; we wanted them to be something fun for our viewers to do in the evening that allowed them to unwind and feel good after a long day of working from home. This led us to decide on creating events that involved things people had been missing out on that they would normally do to unwind for our masterclasses; we have a cocktail masterclass as people can’t make it to bars, a yoga session as people can’t get to the gyms and a skincare tutorial as people can’t get to the salons or beauticians. Then, for our podcasts we wanted to secure positive influencers who could host a series of fun themed chats including Fashion Monday, Agony Uncle chats on Tuesday and Feel Good Friday; so our viewers can just tune in laugh, get advice and feel positive. 

  1. Hosting the events

To catch these fantastic events all you have to do is tune in every evening between the 23rd and 28th of November to our Instagram Live at 6pm to catch all of our Feel Good Festival. The events will see each guest joined by one of our CarbonLIVE team as they talk you through each masterclass, or present to you a fun entertaining podcast. Be sure to be sending in your questions as each one counts as another entry into our fantastic giveaway!

We can’t wait to see you there…