Meet the President of the Solent Ravens: What to expect in our Mind, Body and Soul session

To kickstart this years CarbonLIVE: The Happy Place, we are joined by the President of the Solent Ravens, Maddie Storey. This event will focus on getting your Mind, Body & Soul into a Happy Place. A workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centred and calm. You don’t need any experience to enjoy the benefits of body conditioning. Maddie is 21 and has been dong cheer for 3 years. Who better to lead a session focusing on the mind, body and soul than a National Championship Cheerleader? Knowing how to calm nerves, keep spirits high and maintain a high level of fitness are all key parts to being a successful cheerleader. All of which, Maddie seems to have perfected.

Keeping the mind healthy is important to ensure that the level of positivity needed, is withheld. To do so, it is recommended to practice positivity, mindfulness and breathing exercises. Given its title, Cheerleading is known for being a positive and encouraging sport. Cheerleaders are always known for being smiley, positive and happy when either performing or cheering. Maddie explains that during her training sessions, her team like to practice using their best show-time smiles as it keeps energy and spirits high all while making them feel more positive, and therefore performing better. Within our Mind, Body and Soul session you can expect to see some breathing techniques that Maddie often uses both at practice and within her day to day life, these are used to calm nerves and to keep you grounded which are both important things for a healthy mind.

Being fit is a crucial part of Cheerleading, so in this session run by our President of Cheer you can expect some hard core body conditioning, however all abilities are welcome to come along and join in. Cardio is an important part of training for Maddie. In competitions she needs to be able to dance, jump, fly and tumble non-stop for 3 minutes. Counts are a vital part of the routine so being fit enough to do the routine full out, all while shouting the correct counts is harder than it sounds, Maddie explains. Body conditioning is part of Maddie’s training for her competitive cheer team, so look forward to getting an insight of what they get up to.

When your mind and your body is healthy your soul is undoubtedly healthy too. The last piece to the puzzle fits into all three sections. Yoga, flexibility and mobility work on your Mind, Body and Soul. Stretching once your muscles are warm is so important for Maddie as it improves her flexibility. Each time she is able to push her body further and over the weeks she explains she notices a difference. Being flexible is important for Maddie as she needs to be able to have strong stretches as a flyer when in the air, has to be able to get her jumps high and strong and also needs flexibility for the dance section. At our session with Maddie you can expect lots of stretching and mobility training. Whatever your ability, you can expect to leave the session feeling strong and a lot more flexible. Exactly what your body is craving!

Join Maddie on Monday the 22nd November at the Solent EPT Sports Hall at 2pm for our Mind, Body and Soul session. Make sure you come in clothing you can move in, bring a water bottle and some positive energy! We will be stood by the students union to meet you and show you to the Sports Hall. Follow the link below to sign up to the event, the first 10 people to show up receive a free CarbonLive tote bag!

We look forward to seeing you then! 

** Your health is your responsibility. The management and staff of the Solent Sports Complex are dedicated to helping you take every opportunity to enjoy the facilities that we offer. With this in mind, we have carefully considered what we can reasonably expect of each other. Please read our health commitment statement to understand how we will work together. **