#CarbonLIVE The inner workings of an event.

An interview with Third year Fashion Media student- Jordan Burrows.

It’s November, and if the colder weather wasn’t bad enough, lockdown 2.0 is in place. Luckily for you, were here to help. It’s that time of year again, where Fashion Media students of Solent University prepare for the annual Carbon Live events. However, due to the second lockdown, and the current Coronavirus Pandemic Carbon live events will be taking place online.  

Graphics by Jordan Burrows.

We’ve sat down with Jordan Burrows, a third year Fashion Media student and member of the masterclass team+ production team and asked her a few questions based around the inner workings of an event. 

Q: So, what exactly is Carbon Feel Good Festival?  

A: “Due to everything that is currently going on in the world with the COVID-19 crisis, it meant that this year, Carbon couldn’t throw events as they did last year. Due to the rule of 6 that was introduced in mid-September we needed to host the Carbon live events virtually this year. Our podcast and masterclass teams were hoping to attend these events with the speakers whom we had booked, however with the new lockdown being implemented on November 4th, we are having to change how we do this now by having it all online and running the events from our own homes.” 

Q: What made you and your team come up with this theme idea? 

A: “The pandemic situation in which we are all very aware of now; has caused a huge majority of the population’s mental health to suffer. The lockdown, and complete shock of not being able to leave the house, see friends or family or even work meant many people found themselves in a deep hole of uncertainty and negative thoughts. It has been an extremely tough year and we really wanted to incorporate the idea of self-care and wellness into this year’s events in order to help as many people as possible.”

Graphics by Jess Maidwell.


Q: What does the Feel-Good Festival consist of? We understand there are three events? 

A: “Correct. So, all three events from the masterclass team will be surrounding the theme of wellbeing. People who attend the online classes will have a way of escaping what is going on right now and will be able to have fun and find ways to clear their mind overall. We have a yoga masterclass with a yoga instructor who can teach attendees how to clear their mind and find their zen through a peaceful and professional routine. We have a mocktail/cocktail specialist teaching attendees how to make cocktails as well as healthy mocktails. We opted for both cocktails and mocktails due to the fact not all attendees will want to drink, as well as mocktails containing key ingredients to better their health and feel refreshed. Finally we have an all-natural beauty masterclass, showcasing carbon’s viewers how to create at-home beauty products such as face masks and other ways to pamper yourself from your own bathroom.”  

Q: Where am I able to watch these events? 

A: “Originally, we wanted to pre-film the masterclasses and upload them to YouTube, with our social media team responding to comments to ensure that anyone who attended online with questions, could get them answered. However, due to the news of the second lockdown, we all agreed as a team that live streaming the events via Instagram Live on the @carbononcampus’ Instagram profile would be far more interactive and engaging for people who wished to attend. We believe Instagram live is the best option to host a free event, dedicated to your wellness. Especially since Instagram is possibly one of the most well-known, and used platforms on social media.”

Q: Is it difficult having to plan everything now so that the events will all be digital? In comparison to doing the events in person and how will this affect the turnout? 

A: “In some ways, yes. It’s much more difficult to build a hype surrounding an online event, getting people to log in, it is much harder to engage with the audience online in my opinion than face to face. On the other hand, we have an amazing content and social media team, and everyone across the masterclass and podcast teams are helping to create amazing content in order to promote the events. There is however a positive to lockdown affecting our event change- we don’t have to go through the stress of finding a location for each of the events we can now do it from home. Although this isn’t the same it’s going to be just as amazing because my team have been putting in so much effort to supply the best speakers and live events!”

Q: What are in the exciting goodie bags we’ve been seeing on Carbon socials? 

A: “The goodie bags are filled with amazing prizes. Prizes that can be won include: £50 PLT vouchers, L’oreal goodie bags, hair accessories, New Talent fashion subscriptions and so many more exciting gifts to help you feel good during this lockdown and winter period. Who doesn’t love free gifts!? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway over on Carbon’s Instagram to be in the chance of winning these prizes. (@Carbononcampus)”

Q: Are you happy with how the event planning is going so far? 

A: “Absolutely. It’s been a bumpy road and we’ve had hurdles thrown in our way in one form or another! From lockdown to the fact our event planning was changed last minute! But we’re Carbon Mag – it’s going to take more than Boris to stop us throwing these events! even if they must now be virtual 😉 On a serious note, all of us on the CarbonLive team are very satisfied with how everything is coming along, and with a week to go until the commence of the events what better time to start getting even more exited! Keep an eye out for the release of the masterclass’ event speaker takeovers over on the Instagram, you wont want to miss it.” 

Q: Finally, will the events be free? 

A: Yes, all of our events running through the week starting 23rd of November will all be free of charge. We felt as though charging for the events in these uncertain times would not be fair and would completely go against our wellness theme. We want to help as many people as possible feel amazing right now and would never want to cause any limitations. We have had so many amazing sponsors for this year’s events so you really can enjoy every single event for free.