Top Ten Tips to Chill Out:

During such uncertain times we NEED to learn to just CHILL. Easier said then done but you have no idea how important it is for your mental and even your physical health. That is why we are here to help give you the top ten tips that will be sure to put your mind at rest.

Whatever it is you’re doing and whatever it is that you’re worried about right now, allow yourself to relax. Your minds natural state is to be calm. Picture a bottle of water being shaken about, up and down and all around. Then, when the bottle is placed down the water is settled and it is put back to the natural position of which it falls. Now the water looks calm and still. The water is our mind, and this is its natural state – to be calm. On the other hand, remember it is completely okay to feel the way you feel. You are human and you are not alone. You can not be expected to be feeling 100% all the time as then you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the times are you are feeling pure joy and calm. Trust the process and if things are getting bit too much then these tips will be a helping hand to guide you through those tough times. Treat yourself like your own best friend, always aim to do what is best for you.

  1. Breathe
    I know this sounds obvious but the effect that just stopping and letting yourself take at least 3 deep breaths will massively improve your energy levels and make you feel calm. It is the simplest relaxation strategy out there and it also works the best.
  2. Visualise your ‘Calm’
    Take yourself to your happy place. Focus on the silver lining, the light after the storm. Hold on to hope and envision all the positive emotions that you have felt in the past and trust that you will feel that again soon.
  3. Make a list or Mind-map of everything that is worrying your mind
    Laying out all of your worries and putting them on paper will allow you to see exactly what it is that you are stressed about and then can counter act those negative feelings and writing the solutions to each issue this will clear your head and help you see clearly.
  4. Play some peaceful music
    Music will keep you present and cultivate that relaxing mood that you are craving. It will also help slow busy thoughts rushing around your head as long as you focus on the rhythm and let yourself be.
  5. Dark Chocolate!
    This is the best superfood for distressing. Pumped full of antioxidants, therefore it stimulates the brain to release beta endorphins (happy chemicals). All you need is 40grams a day and you will feel that little bit of wait drop right of your shoulders.
  6. Go for a walk with nature
    The key thing about this practice is that it motivates you to stay present with yourself and forces you to not to get as distracted. Acknowledge you thoughts but let them pass by as you enjoy all the beauty you have surrounded yourself with.
  7. Green tea
    This herbal tonic gives you the benefits of L-Theanine, a chemical that can help reduce the body’s stress responses. Plus just staring at a steamy mug of green tea will be comforting and will hypnotise you to destress naturally.
  8. Close your eyes
    Be at one with yourself! Hold yourself and tell yourself everything is going to be okay because it will! Sometimes you just need to separate from everything else and stay in touch with yourself because that is where the true stress lies. When you loose touch with your own emotions.
  9. Lay down with your legs above your head
    This will have some restorative effects for when your body goes into fight or flight mode. Let your blood circulate around your body and heal every part of you. Be kind to yourself.
  10. Massage your hands Being actively gentle and kind to yourself will put your mental state at rest and relax your whole body. You are showing yourself that you are present and you care and that will make you’re subconscious smile 🙂

We’ve even created a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy whilst you practice these calming tips.

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