Why animals really are the best

The entire population has been effected by Covid-19. Not just in the way of physical changes. But we’ve changed as a society, industries have changed and most importantly as individuals we’ve watched life transform around us. Mentally it’s been draining on the majority. Many of us are in a state of grief from losing someone, other’s have struggled with isolation and some have just not adjusted well such a sudden change. At times like this we all need someone there and sometimes it just hasn’t been possible.

Animals have always been a big part of our life, for decades we’ve treated animals of all varieties. Not only do we choose to have animals in our life as companions. But they are officially used a medical aid as service animals for anything from physical impairments to mental health conditions. Studies have even shown that you’re more likely to benefit and being living healthier. 

A study by the university of York and the university of Lincoln showed that 90% of their 6000 participants said their pets helped them cope emotionally. It’s not all that surprising, animals really become part of the family and if you are living away from people on your own, then having your animal there as a companion is definitely going to help you in a lot of ways.

We should actually give animals way more credit, they can just soothe anxiety and bring peace to even strangers. Why else would we have puppy yoga or cat cafes? These places exist for us to go there and just feel better in ourselves, the animals hardly even have to make an effort in helping us perk up.

But it’s more than just cats and dogs. Anything from a hamster to a horse can be exactly what someone needs to have around them. In fact sometimes it’s easier to speak to animals because you know they won’t be talking back with some advice you’ll inevitably ignore. Let’s also be honest nothing beats some one to one time with your favourite animal, most of the time they just give the best cuddles. 

Obviously there’s no easy fix to struggling with mental health and there’s no promise that an animal could help you and be the thing that “fixes” any issues you might have. But they could help, and if there’s a chance that they do. There’s no harm in getting yourself a pet that will almost definitely be your best friend and love you unconditionally. 

Always remember that they need us just as much as we need them.