You’re so much more than your social anxiety

How to beat post-pandemic social anxiety and become the life of the party again

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the whole world shut down, being in a lockdown seemed like a nightmare. However, dealing with changes and adapting is one of the most important skills humans have, so now, a year and a half later, staying at home all day, being home office, wearing masks and keeping a distance feels like the new normal. 

Even though restrictions are getting loose with the rise of vaccinated people, the pandemic brought some results that aren’t easy to get rid of. Social anxiety is one of them. For us, the zoomers, who were constantly doing something, going out, partying with friends, being social, to have anxiety and be nervous to meet others is unbelievable. Of course, there are safety precautions, but the thing that worries people the most, is messing up in front of others, not knowing if they should hug them or shake a hand, being laughed at, being at social gatherings in general. If you have experienced at least one of these symptoms, congratulations – you might have a social anxiety. Don’t worry though, you are not alone. Carbon is here to give you support and help you become the life of the party again. 

First and foremost, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Remember we are all getting used to these changes and our comfort can’t magically come back. If 10-minute conversation makes you feel drained and tired, it’s okay. It doesn’t have to go on. Next time you might be able to keep up the talking 15 minutes or more. You shouldn’t feel obligated to be the only one talking. Conversation is a two-way situation – the other person must give 50% as well, even clinical psychologist, Dawn Potter says that. However, it is very likely that he doesn’t know what to say either, so don’t feel uncomfortable about awkward silence. By just sharing your worries, you might find out that it helps you and the other participant relax. Small steps are actually big steps in this situation.

            As stated on the Cleveland Clinic’s website, don’t feel up your calendar with whatever comes to mind. If you have the possibility, take 50% online classes and 50% in person. The same goes for work – it might be best if you go to the office or take shifts just 1 or 2 days per week. Make sure you get all the rest that you need, especially in the first couple of weeks back. Going to bed late, drinking often, leaving assignments for the very last minute can intensify and have a negative impact on your social anxiety.

Activities like meditating, drinking tea, journaling, taking baths have proven to be effective, when it comes to anxiety. You might want to give them a go, especially journaling. It is important to be aware of your emotions and reflect on your daily struggles. That is the easiest way to fight them. Overall, self-care and positivity are all you need during those weird times.

We, the Carbon LIVE team, are so eager to go out and have a proper party. However, we don’t feel like all of us would feel good and have a good time being around tons of people. That is why we found the perfect middle-ground – why not have the best party but make it online?! You can be the first in line to our virtual DJ booth and become a professional bartender with our cocktail masterclass in the comfort of your own home. Being in a pandemic and having social anxiety shouldn’t stop us from having fun, creating positive thoughts, and taking care of ourselves. Join us for the happiest event of the year! Come to Carbon LIVE on 26th November. Let’s beat the social anxiety together!

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