8 Things to look out for in issue 13 of Carbon.

In no particular order!

Ways In Which You Can Find Your Happy Place.

If you’re struggling to keep a cool head, suffer from overthinking and anxiety or if you’re looking for tips on how to feel relaxed, this will help! (Written by Alex Luczakiewicz)

Get The Look.

If your music taste is slightly on the emotional side and you appreciate Billie Eilish and the late, Lil Peep, then check these style guides out along with some really cool graphics! (written and designed by Tara Larkin)

A More Sustainable You.

If you feel strongly for sustainability in the world of fashion, then this is the read for you! Including tips on how to play your part and how to create a year-round wardrobe! (Written by Caitlin Léon.

Fashion Week In A Covid World.

In a global pandemic that we would have never imagined being a part of in our lifetime, everything has changed. This interesting article gives an insight into how fashion weeks have adapted yet kept creativity. (Written by Tara Larkin)

21 Key Fashion Trends From SS21.

Taking fashion inspiration from around the world is nothing new; however, are you aware of when some trends originally started and what is currently trending and where? Read Carbon issue 13 for this article and you may well learn a thing or two! (Written by Beata Gerasimovaite)

The Eco Revolution.

To learn more about how damaging fashion actually is in this world and how you can change that by the way you shop, this article is not only interesting but it is also educational. (Written by Emily Grillot)

Top 10 Sneakers.

Are you obsessed with sneakers but less obsessed with the price tags? This article will point you in the direction of the timeless classics that don’t come with a resale tag. (Written by Alex Luczakiewicz with designs by Beata Gerasimovaite and Mia Curtis)

Brands Bringing It Back!

Wishing you grew up in an earlier era? There are now plenty of re-emerging trends for you to fit right into. Go and check them out by taking a look at this retro/vintage inspired article. (Written by Elie Trim and designed by Beata Gerasimovaite).