Carbon Doodles: Zodiac edit

Anyone else just as shocked as we are?! Thanks, NASA for revealing there are actually 13 zodiac signs (instead of 12). Our new man holding a snake sign, Ophiuchus is 19th November to 18th December has got us questioning… What sign actually am I? Fear not we are here to help you and put the record straight.

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Capris are patient but piratical and intellectual (Old dates: 23rd December to 21st January) New dates: 20th January to 16th February


Aquarius are honest and loyal but can be know to be lazy! (Old dates: 22nd January to 20th February) New dates: 16th February to 11th March


Pisces are unselfish, trusting and like to stay out of being centre of attention (Old dates: 21st February to 19th March) New dates: 11th March to 18th April


Aries are fiery characters, who are natural leaders. They can be very stubborn and loyal (Old dates: 20th March to 20th April) New dates: 18th April to 13th May


Taurus’ are stubborn, stamina and determination. They’re also patient and good listeners, quite the dark horse! (Old dates: 21st April to 21st May) New dates: 13th May to 21st June


Gems are easy-going, generous and affectionate people. They’re also good at adapting but are indecisive (Old dates: 22nd May to 22nd June) New dates: 21st June to 20th July


Cancerians are very traditional (with a simple home life)! They are loyal and protective but can be easily hurt (Old dates: 23rd June to 22nd July) New dates: 20th July to 10th August


Leo’s are enthusiastic and powerful. Sometimes their bossiness is overbearing but hides the sensitive and insecurity they hold (Old dates: 23rd July to 22nd August) New dates: 10th August to 15th September


Virgos are deep listeners, reliable and have an analytical character. However, they can be critical and overthink (Old dates: 23rd August – 22nd September) New dates: 16th September – 30th October


Libras are all about harmony and balance. They are very active but can be shy if not treated gently (Old dates: 23rd September to 22nd October) New dates: 30th October to 23rd November


Scorpians are cool and confident with bold projects (or anything they put their mind too!) They can be secretive and single-minded. (Old dates: 23rd October to 22nd November) New dates: 23rd November to 29th November


Here’s our new one! Ophiuchus is very curious people who are open to change! They have good humour and are passionate but can be very jealous. Dates: 29th November to 17th December


Sagittarians can quite intense and focused but prefer the quick option. They’re loyal friends but have commitment issues! (Old dates: 23rd November to 22nd December) New dates: 17th December and 20th January

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Loren, Cyra and Niamh