Influencer Interview with Amina Humphreys (@aminahumphreys)


Amina Humphrey is a nano-influencer based near London with 3,145 followers and works in social media marketing. From studying media production in college to making her way up to photographing for brands, she has worked hard and become successful through freelance. She has gone onto working with brands like Cinta_the_label and continues to show her fashion and flair on Instagram and Tiktok.

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what made you get into influencing?
My name is Amina Humphreys. I am a twenty-year-old working in social media marketing in London. I love all things fashion, film and photography! I’m a micro-influencer, not big time, but I’ve always liked Instagram to express my interests. However, since starting my new job, I can see a more

lucrative side to Instagram. Why not create the content you like organically and be gifted/paid to post it!

2. How did you grow your followers?
My following has been growing organically, just by posting semi-regularly and posting content that looks and feels good.

3. What are your goals when creating your content?
My goals would be to create fun, engaging, creative – fashion, lifestyle- related content and anything in between. Also, to inspire and engage people.

4. What’s your favourite brand you’ve worked with?
I have enjoyed working with a brand called Cinta_the_label. They are a small, sustainable, female owned brand. They gifted me a few outfits to post content in. I liked their ethics and brand identity, plus their marketing team were super friendly, so I always appreciate that.

5. What are your favourite gifted items you’ve had from a brand?
Some of the first giftings I received were from a brand called Chekina girl – They let me pick a few items, and I still wear the leather jacket to this day! I have received some excellent pr packages from parade and ohne.

6. What do you think the future of influencing will look like?
Influencing is the new form of marketing; like TikTok, it’s taking over. It used to be YouTube influencers like Zoella; now, Instagram is everything. Every account is a potential Instagram influencer.

7. Who are your favourite influencers?
My favourite influencers are @BadkidHQ, @Lara Adkins, @Schae B, @sm.luke, @jaeldortan, @torivanbreugal, mimimoocher, @milliehannahhh, @ dazhane.

8. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced when growing your platform?
Getting emailed by cool brands that want to work with me and meeting like- minded fashion lovers on the app!

9. Any criticism or things you could change about the social media industry? Sometimes I wish it wasn’t as fake and curated, plus I’m so bored seeing minimalism accounts.

10. What do you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew how long it’s to make content! It takes longer than you think, especially when creating content for a brand! You want to nail the brand’s aesthetics and keep to brief whilst staying true to your brand identity. I love it.