Look and feel good by shopping small at these indie brands

If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the importance of supporting small local businesses. With large retail stores closing and the arrival of Brexit, it is now, even more important to support these small boutique brands…

You may think that anyone would be excited to make a sale, right? But when big brand names get your money it means nothing to them. It’s just another number to add to their monthly target. However, newer and smaller indie brands (many of which were started during the lockdown) cherish every sale and every customer that chooses to purchase a product from their site. Often these indie brands are set up & run in the owners home and many of them make their products by hand. They put their heart and soul into making the products and each sale is a huge achievement. We spoke to Jess Maidwell, Founder of Write Typer, a small stationary & homeware brand, to find out exactly what it’s like owning a small business during the lockdown…

Hi Jess, firstly tell us what’s it like being a small business owner & how does it feel to receive an order?

“Omg it’s literally AMAZING! Fellow Etsy sellers will relate to this, but whenever we get a sale the Etsy app makes a ‘cha ching’ sound, like a cash register opening and that sound is LITERAL music to my ears! The fact that someone likes what I have designed and created enough to pay for it and use it, is such an incredible concept and it makes me feel on top of the world.” 

That’s amazing! Why do you think it is important to support small local start up businesses during the pandemic? 

“A lot of small business owners started up their venture due to losing their job as a result of the pandemic; so for some it’s one of the only sources of income! Also, it’s fun to have something to do during a lockdown when we can’t go out and do the things we normally would, so supporting small businesses gives them an outlet to plough their creativity into!”

How has your business helped you throughout lockdown?

“My business has provided me with the chance to be creative like I used to be when I was younger! I have always preferred the creative aspects of whichever course/qualification I was doing at the time, but throughout school, college and uni I haven’t had an outlet to completely explore that in the way that I wanted to! So Write Typer has taken me on a creative journey to find my style, what I love and how to monetise all of those.” 

Finally, do you have any advice/tips for those wanting to start their own business during the lockdown?

“Absolutely just do it! Take the risk, do what you love and if you have an idea you are passionate about, the rest should fall into place. Just be aware that these things take time and a LOT of graft so you just have to be hardworking and patient whilst your business grows. Social media is SO important!! I have found that since upping my Instagram & Tik Tok game my sales have increased. Alongside that investing is key – You always have to remember that you have to speculate to accumulate, and whilst investment is key, being sensible with purchases, taking all costs into account and considering the demand before you buy are all important things to think about.” 

To help out small brands like Jess’s we picked out our top 10 favourites for you to try…

  1. Write Typer – Stationary & Homeware

2. Esme Fitness – Activewear

3. Lincoln Scents – Soy Candles

4. Ella Stern – Jewellery

5. Lucy Gift Shop – Personalised Gifts

6. Rue Clotilde – Sustainable Fashion

7. Wheesht – Skincare

8. The Sunday Night Club – Automotive Lifestyle

9. Tough Cookie – Fashion lifestyle 

10. Scrunchies By Nat – Accessories

I hope you liked our top picks, let us know what small independent brands you are loving at the minute…

Written by Fashion & Lifestyle Editor – Emma Ford