The 2 sides of lockdown

Bed Day the 2 sides of lockdown

Bed Day in the 2 sides of lockdown

Over the past few months in lockdown, I think we can all agree we’ve seen these types of people. Whether that’s on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. The 2 sides of lockdown is something I wanted to show everyone so they can remember that BOTH are okay!

Some people have used this time to get more active, renovate their bedrooms, learn new skills or hobbies – a LOT of small business starters too! However, others have used this time to also watch more Netflix/Disney+, being a bit more lazy and just relaxing after their hand-ins.

Both ways of using this time are normal. Some people may feel guilty if they see someone’s workout time lapse while they’re in bed. Or seeing someone’s cute sunrise pic with 6am on it while viewing it at 2pm – just woken up.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing the TikToks and small businesses, as well as some people sharing their accomplishments. However, in between my own bursts of motivation, I’ve also felt guilty for not tanning in the garden. Or even attempting a workout. I’ve also felt guilty when buying online, so rarely am. I’m worried about my money or adding to the unnecessary post deliveries.

Of course, ordering online during this is inevitable, especially if you’re trying out new styles or room decorations. I just know there’s the other side of people worrying or feeling guilty – this is a difficult time.

Finally, this storyboard was to show the 2 sides of lockdown and how both are good ways to spend this time. You’ve stayed at home (hopefully) and been careful! Anything you’ve done at home has helped flatten the curve. Be proud!


Drop us a message on our Instagram ( @carbononcampus ) to let us know how you’ve been feeling while seeing the 2 sides of lockdown. Also, what have you been up to? Give us some ideas on how to relax AND get active (when we feel like it)!

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