Christmas Parade Tragedy

On Sunday 21st November 2021 at 4.39 pm, the city of Waukesha was in a state of shock when an SUV had suddenly plowed through the entire parade, leaving 5 people dead and 40 injured. The red Ford Escape had been caught on camera driving straight towards the cheerleaders and band members at around 40mph. In the first hint of the attack happening, the car was filmed driving extremely fast and only just passing a young girl dressed in pink dancing not far from the pavement. After just missing the girl by inches the car heads further down the road to where the first victim was hit. The SUV continued to smash through barriers blocking the parade route. Although police had been shooting towards the driver, they weren’t able to stop him. Later, the Ford Escape had been located down a road not far from where the incident occurred, whilst police stated that the driver had been detained. It was then stated that the man in custody had been identified as Darrell Brooks Jr, aged 39 from Milwaukee. Looking further into his identity, it was found that the man was an amateur rapper with a long criminal history who also had two open felony cases against him at the time of the incident. Police have claimed that he has not yet been arrested and have also not stated what they believe the motive to be. It is possible that he was fleeing the scene of a knife attack near where the incident took place. 

Aiysha Hussain