10 alternative influencers you should be following

  1. Enya Umanzor – An OG Vine star who has always been on top of the newest alternative fashion trends, her platform has only grown since and has worked with Celine and Marc Jacobs amongst many other designers. IG: @enyaumanzor YT: enya umanzor
  2. Drew Phillips – Drew and Enya are partners in crime, they have grown their platforms in conjunction and work with the same brands. Drew’s style evolution has been one to watch. IG: @drewphillips09 YT: drew phillips
  3. Magnus Ronning – Founder of the brand ronning and a longstanding fashion youtuber (voted one of the best dressed in 2018), Magnus has an array of content focusing on both streetwear and luxury fashion. IG: @magnus YT: Magnus
  4. Denzel Dion – Also part of the original Vine group, Denzel was originally a comedian but has since made strides in the fashion industry and even founded his own mid- high end label last year: NOID. IG: @denzeldion YT: Denzel Dion
  5. Rickey Thompson – Much like Enya & Drew, Rickey and Denzel also come as a package and have very similar stories. Rickey was also voted best dressed youtuber in 2018 (PAQ x high snobietys own award). IG: @rickeythompson YT: Rickey Thompson
  6. Mina Le – Mina Le creates fashion focused in depth video essays on youtube. Her enthusiasm for fashion history is authentically and elegantly portrayed through her own unique style. IG: @gremlita YT: Mina Le
  7. Julia Dang – Julia Dang aka ‘TheLineUp’ is a Stockholm based influencer turned designer. Her brand Dang Sthlm focuses on sustainability and ethical production using deadstock fabric that she sources herself in Vietnam. IG: @juliaadang YT: TheLineUp
  8. Barbiesclutter aka Charlize – Charlize is a fashion student with a growing tiktok platform. Her style is authentic to herself and celebrates Iranian and Middle Eastern culture. Tiktok & IG: @barbiesclutter
  9. Deba Hekmat – Whilst being a full time model, Deba also regularly uses her platform for activism talking about current worldwide issues as well as her personal experiences as a Kurdish woman in the west. IG: @d.3b4
  10. Emma Winder – Model and fashion influencer, Winder specializes in 70s style. Her outfits are always polished, flamboyant and colourful no matter the season, her videography is no different. IG: @emmaxwinder YT: Emma winder

Rosa Macvicar