10 Takeaways from Louis Vuitton A/W 2021 Show

After a turbulent year for Virgil Abloh, the designer emerged with the menswear line for Louis Vuitton, proving that his vision is still a breath of fresh air for the fashion industry.

The multi-disciplinary artist put together a show that invites many artists to perform and showcase their talent. Together, they travelled in time to enhance the cultural value of the show.

Louis Vuitton AW21

Here are the 10 takeaways from the show that we couldn’t ignore:

  1. The show was thematically inspired by James Baldwin’s seminal 1953 essay “stranger in the village”. The piece talks about his experience in Leukerbad, Switzerland (the place where the beginning of the show takes place). According to the author, the population of the village has never seen an African-American which makes him feel a stranger in the village. He also assumed that he felt as strange in America due to the systematic racism.
  2. The scenario was inspired by the German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. His minimalistic style is known for the rejection of traditional systems. The Barcelona Pavilion is one of the most famous structures created in the history of architecture and also where Virgil took his inspiration for the Louis Vuitton set. The green marble, the open space and of course the white Barcelona chair.
  3. On a showcase that put together many artistic forms and made references to cultural and social differences, poetry was the voice that joined everything. – “I think as Black people, as trans people, as marginalized people, the world is here for our taking. For it takes so much from us.” by Kai Isaiah Jamal.
  4. Who is Kai? a poet, an artist and now the maker of history as being the first Black trans model to walk for LV.
  5. The city skylines (literally) represented on the garments, were the meme that came out of the runway, straight to social media. The exaggerated representation of the city of Chicago/New York and Paris have both a personal connection with Virgil and his architectural thoughts.
  6. Mos Def performance – or should I say The performance? Yasiin Bey contributed to the final act mixing futuristic and classic vibes and delivering the art he knows best –  Music.
  7. In a representation of the classic LV monogram, the designer showed us that there is no boundaries in terms of shapes for the iconic bag. This time it took the form of an airplane. Is it safe to say it is a travel bag?
  8. New imagery of dress codes that replace the traditional way were one of the many focuses. Representing the idea that fashion is also a tool to change those assumption and perception of characters like “the writer, the artist, the hotelier, the architect, the student…”, was one of many steps to the idea of “deconstruct the narrative”.
  9. The theatrical acting, staged in room where models linger over a park bench, walk around with a newspaper and a coffee; and fallen into the ground, the background feels more than just a tribute to architecture but a urban landscape where everyday people live their everyday life.
  10. From a general look at the multiple looks presented, the main colours used were green, orange and red. Does that sound like a trend set to you?

Louis Vuitton AW21
Louis Vuitton AW21
All images from Louis Vuitton

The show named “Peculiar Contrast, Perfect Light left us with a lot of new perspectives to the everyday world.

By Alice Derrica