4 Corset looks that will send shivers down your spine

It’s no secret that we all like to indulge in every new TikTok trend we come across, but what happens when our impulses are short-lived? You’ve probably heard of- if not participated in- the Amazon corset trend that took the app by storm last year. Instead of letting it sit in your wardrobe collecting dust, why not take it out for one more ride this Halloween weekend. Here are 4 last minute costume ideas based on the infamous Amazon corset.


As we seem to be steering away from the blood and gore that Halloween costumes once were, fairy costumes are more popular than ever this year. Create a whimsical fantasy with a colourful corset, glittery makeup. Accessorise with wings, and even elf ears; if you dare.

@miaisobellebarker via Instagram Stories

Angel / Devil

If keeping it ghastly is more your thing, why not stick to the classics? The perfect angel or devil costume can be achieved depending on your corset and its colour- even black can be used in both occasions; just accessorise with a black halo or horns. 

Madison Beer and Isabella Jones

The Matrix

Everybody loves a film reference. If you own leather and black sunglasses, you’re in luck. Pair a black corset and sunglasses with faux leather trousers, a skirt- or even a blazer and you’ve got it. Simple but effective.

@oliviagraceherring via Tik Tok

Corpse Bride

This may be the most potent corset look of them all. The bridal element of a white corset is perfect for this costume. Pair this with a veil and you’re already there- you can even go so far as to give it a Tim Burton-like blue hue or add fake blood.

Adriana Lima

Jordan Ricketts