5 70’s inspired trends in 2021

Models: JuNé LeJoí, Raven Shields Wallace, Asiya Lowe, Emari Dyer

Vintage 70’s trends have boogied their way into the 21st century and have become some of the biggest fashion trends in 2021. The rise of 70’s culture and aesthetics have blown up immensely through last year and present. Music has been a big stimulator for 70’s aesthetics with songs like Doja Cat’s Say So, BTS’s Dynamite and Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby Levitating containing lots of 70’s inspired culture. All these songs were released the previous year. This summer, Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic released their single “Skate” which includes a great deal of hip 70’s culture and skating. These 70’s inspired song’s all helped to push 70’s trends forward into the new generation.

Designer brands like Versace have also been doing wonders for uplifting 70’s fashion trends. Their fall 2021 collection embodied the 70’s fashion and accessory sense so well. Side note, the blue dress that Dua Lipa is wearing in the Levitating mv is Versace! Moving on, here are 5 70’s inspired trends back in 2021:

  1. Flare Jeans
    Flare jeans are back and better than ever! Whether they are subtle flare or outright bell bottoms they are back and up for grabs.
  1. Heeled Platform Boots + Mary Janes
    These boots and Mary Janes have certainly made their platform here in 2021, becoming extremely trendy as of this moment. The higher the platform the better it is with these shoes.
  1. Shirt Dresses
    Shirt dresses are bigger than they have ever been this past year and and we can’t be anymore happier for it. With the perfect blend of sophistication and style, shirt dresses are just great.
  1. Halter Crop Tops
    Halter crop tops are also bigger than ever with new staple styles and designs of the top that many of the girlies seem to have right now. The halter is the perfect throw back to the 70’s.
  1. Intense cut crease eye look + Long bottom eyelashes
    As for beauty, the intense cut crease eye look has found it’s way back into 2021. It’s a great reminiscence of the iconic female popstars popular during that time such as Diana Ross and Cher. Many makeup gurus are recreating this eye look at the moment.

Written by Sonia Osuji