5 Drops to come from All Star Weekend

With the NBA ALL STAR weekend taking place today, Sunday 16 Feb there is always a handful of special limited available items that you can get your hands on. With some items being very limited there is always attention drawn to specific items being released. Here are 5 of the best NBA ALL STAR related items to have come from current and recent years.


When pictures first surfaced off the sneaker at Paris Fashion week 2020sneaker communities and NBA fans went wild. When the release date of the shoe was announced to take place on all star weekend it was set that this was going to be very exclusive and make this shoe one of the biggest items to drop on Famous all star weekend

Jordan 1 All Star

Any Jordan 1 release always attracts attention as every drop people go crazy for and with most Jordan 1 being simple colours when images surfaced of the different colours scheme even more attention was drawn. The crazy Chameleon colour way was the first to ever be place of a Jordan 1.

Travis Scott Jordan 33

With Travis Scott first taking to the Air Force 1 and then the Jordan 4 he was quick to follow up with Jordan 33. With a very unseen silhouette Travis Scott took to Jordan 33 at a risk with it not being a popular shoe he was quick to get people attached and hooked on this shoe with it selling out everywhere.

Nike All Star Jerseys

With Nike making special All star Jerseys every year for the weekend it would be clear that these are always a big hit for people. As Nike taking jerseys and creating special All Star themed kits very large numbers of people will be picking these up all across the world and with large amounts being made the majority of people that want one will get one. 

Kobe Bryant All Star Jersey

With the great Kobe Bryant recently passing Nike have paid tribute by creating special limited Kobe Bryant All Star Jerseys that will be release over the All Star Weekend. Due to his passing these jersey people will be going crazy for and wanting like no other NBA jersey ever released.