8 Ideas to style up your wardrobe basics

A blazer is  one of those pieces of clothing that should not be missing among your most precious treasures. It can accompany you on a working day, on a special occasion or in a more casual look and never clash.

The basic T-shirt will be a continuity item in your wardrobe as it is perfect for all kinds of looks regardless of the season. In time you will learn that one of the best investments regardless of the season is to buy a good basic shirt.

The sling is one of the best, most complete wardrobe. It can be used in all seasons and occasions of the year, since we can see it as a belt, headband, scrunchie, top. . . thousands of combinations and thousands of colours.

They’re another one of those cornerstones in our closets. When you find the jeans that fit you best you will have to take care of them and treasure them as they are so comfortable and versatile that you will wear them at least once a week.

Skirts are a must have for everyone. They are available for all kinds of tastes, short, long, demin, floral. . . and can be combined in an infinite number of ways.

If you want a feminine garment that you can use as a joker and win every game, a short black dress is the piece to invest in. Choose one that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and represents your style, you will succeed!

It’s one of our favourite mid-season items of clothing since all times. Essential in your wardrobe all year round to add a cool touch to your most elegant looks. It’s always a good choice.

A trench coat is another garment that a good Parisian would never give up, and neither would we! Because it’s the perfect mid-season companion, because it’s elegant, because it’s totally versatile and because it will never go out of style. The classic colour is beige, which suits everything. You can choose the emblematic raincoat or a male coat, but don’t doubt the color. It will give a much needed warmth to your face.

Sofia Calatayud.