A Fashion Comeback: Surrealism

By Emma Foakes

An example of modern day surrealism art

The surrealism art movement began in 1924 in Europe after World War 1 as a reaction to the war’s morals and beliefs. The work within this movement is bet described as blurring the lines between different realities to unleash your unconscious mind. Simply put- it is the unusual arrangement of everyday objects in one image.

This type of art has worked its way into fashion, creating unique and peculiar garments. This trend has risen again due to the COVID-19 pandemic as it has several parallels to the war, and this timeline supports Laver’s Law. Laver’s Law is the cycle of fashion, and it states that 100 years after the trend emerges we should be revisiting the trend and believe it is romantic.

The key aesthetics of surrealism fashion is golden breasts, noses, eyes, and mouths on different garments. It also includes brighter colours which add to the bizarre look.

An example of surrealism fashion- eye earrings and bright colours

An interesting look into surrealism fashion is the Chanel spring/summer 2021 teaser of the show by Inez and Vinoodh. The video is in black and white and gives off dream-like and other-worldly vibes as it transports us to a different time.

This type of fashion can be demonstrated in different ways- it can be more subtle like the above image, or it can be more obvious and loud seen on catwalk shows.

What do you think about surrealism fashion coming back?