A guide to all the coats you need this season.

As the temperate drops and the nights start to draw in, you know it’s that time to reach for your winter coat. With fashion constantly changing, with new styles coming in and out it’s sometimes hard to stay up to date with the current trends. Therefore to help, we’ve rounded up some of this season’s must-have coats that with no doubt you’ll be dying to get your hands on. 

From oversized teddy coats and old vintage styled fur trimmings to neutral fleeces; get ready for some serious outwear pieces that will keep you warm while still managing to make you look cool as hell.

Fur Lining 

Want a coat that’s chic yet slightly retro? This is the one for you. The fur trim is back and better than ever; with the 70’s style look, you definitely won’t be unnoticed. These edgy coats give you enough warmth during these chilled months while still giving you that flirty boss lady looks, we all admire. With dozens of our favourite retailers starting to bring these coats into their collections, expect this style to only get more popular and stylish.

Teddy Coats

Meet the cosiest yet most stylish coats in the fashion market right now. Although teddy coats aren’t necessarily new, the style is. Whether you want to opt for more of a classy, elegant maxi teddy or instead possibly a shorter sleeker version. There is now a style for everyone and let me promise you, this coat is 100 percent here to stay. With every retailer jumping on this trend currently, there is no doubt you won’t be able to get your hands on one. Grab yourself a basic outfit, add this coat and you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you.


Sometimes a puffer isn’t just a fashion decision, instead, it’s a straight-up must within a ladies coat collection, especially with the cold weather we’ve been experiencing recently. These stylish coats not only provide you with the best insulation a coat can have, but they’re also super fun, stylish and easy to work with. These coats are becoming sleeker and sleeker as the seasons progress so expect to see a large majority of these being worn on your local streets.

Leather finishes

Can you ever beat a leather styled coat? I think not. While this coat can leave you feeling slightly chilly during the colder months, the way these coats look instantly makes you forget all about it. These perfect looking coats get you looking and feeling more fiesty and fashionable without even having to try. Simply wanting a joggers day? That’s fine, just add a leather coat and you’ll instantly be looking fresh out of fashion week.

To give you that little extra help; we’ve put together a small collection of our favourite ways to style these infamous coats, to help you that tiny bit more.

With all of our go-to retailers currently these all don’t hesitate to grab one for yourself. You don’t want to be missing out on fashion’s biggest must-have right now.

Dannie Copperwheat x