Airforces and why they are popular.

Who hasn’t owned a pair of air forces or known someone to have a pair? In 2022 air forces are very popular and known to be in the top 10 best selling sneaker list. And there are a lot of different brands and styles of sneakers out there. The most popular air force ones are low cut and also in the colour white. A little bit of history about the shoe, Bruce Kilgore designed the shoe. He was a shoe designer for Nike. The shoe was produced in 1984 which then got discontinued in 1984 to be tweaked a little bit. Continuing the tweaking it got re realised in 1986 with the modern italic Nike logo with a swoosh on the bottom and on the back of the shoe. The word ‘Air Force One’ is a reference to the plane that carries the President of the United States. The shoe was popular in the 1990s to street culture in cities like New York and Baltimore. Air forces are easily accessed from shops in your local shopping centre to online shops which can deliver straight to your doorstep.

There are 1,700 colour variations of the show which include different designs. There are companies out there and small businesses which will take a fresh pair of white or black air forces and custom design them for you. That could include your personally preference of design and colours or to brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton print on the ticks of the shoe. The shoe is made out of cow leather but also the inner lining is synthetic leather. The classic Air Force 1s aren’t vegan but there are variations of the shoe which include synthetic leather and other natural materials which is fit for a vegan to wear without harm done to any animals. The shoe comes in many colours and designs, but the most popular shoe is all white. When it comes to buying the shoe, bearing in mind the shoe is very popular, it isn’t very expensive compared to a lot of other popular sneakers. Below size 6, the shoes range in the price from £64.95. Size 6 and above ranges from £109.99. Nike say publicly that the shoe comes out big to your shoesize, so they suggest that you choose a half size down to 1 size down. This could also be helpful for the ladies with size 6 feet as they can get away with spending less money as they would be getting a smaller size. The shoe itself adds 1.18 inches to your height which is good for the smaller costumers who would like more height when wearing the shoes.

A few famous rappers have mentioned the name of the shoe in their songs which has given the shoe a booth of costumers. Jay Z, Shyne, Nelly, G-Unit. They gave the shoe shoutouts in some of their hit singles. Nelly has a single called ‘Air force ones’ and a line in his song was “white on white” which is referring to the popular shoe. The shoe is good for casual wear like going out to do your day to day chores, but the shoe is also great for performance. It can be worn for street play as well as professional play like NBA which is basketball. Well known players Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace have worn the AF1s on the courts which in a sportsman’s eyes, would give them inspiration to buy themselves a pair. They are also popular to wear at the gym as they are a comfortable shoe to wear. Lots of influencers wear the shoes in their content they create which is posted on social media. They can do different videos which show off their outfits which include the fit of the air forces.  The shoe can be worn by influencers in the gym which shoes off the way they are good to wear when working out and the outfit it can be paired with. As well as the gym it can be worn day to day which means when it comes to fashion the shoes can be paired with a lot of outfits. The shoe itself is a shoe which goes with pretty much any outfit as it is plain designed and white. There are famous couples that post images wearing the shoes. Coming back to fashion, the shoes can even be paired with going out clothes like dresses and skirts. For the boys, trousers and shirts and still look smart. Costumers look up to influencers and famous celebs so seeing these shoes being paired with great outfits doesn’t just make them want to buy the clothes, it makes them also want the shoes.

Due to the shoe being white, they are very easily creased and made dirty due to the weather conditions or accidental spillages to people standing on the shoes. Day to day wearing for long periods of time will show on the shoe which makes them easily replaceable when they have seen their expiration date. This could be several months to years. It all depends on how the customer takes care of the shoe. There are preventions to getting the shoes dirty and creasing. There are sprays which create the shoes when sprayed on to become waterproof so if there was a spillage or puddle the dirt would just slide off the shoe leaving it in the state the way you left the house in. For the creases made in the shoe which could be even from walking, there is something called shoe shields which you can purchase which doesn’t allow the shoe to crease and when it creases, the material starts to deteriorate. When this happens that’s the start of thinking about getting a new pair as they will never be the same if it is too late and the damage is already done. As the shoes are cheap, the shoes that are ruined can be turned into the ‘old pair which you don’t mind getting dirty’ and a fresh pair can be bought as the ‘nice shoes you only wear on special occasions’.

By Tierney Rocks