Animal Instinct

Burberry’s appearance at London Fashion Week left a statement, showing us a few up-and-coming trends to follow in the new Spring/Summer collection of 2022. One of my favourites was Riccardo Tisci’s experiment with the concept of ‘Animal Instinct’. Tisci collided classic elements of the brand with a twist of “youthful energy.” Took on a rebellious form with exaggerated traits and raw details, aimed at “reinvigorating the traditional” of Burberry. Whether it’s bold, striking silhouettes or cropped backs.

This gorgeous piece, representing the Animal Instinct with a cow print turtleneck dress covered with a stunning white and gold mesh cover.

The iconic Burberry trench coat was presented in more abnormal than usual. Tisci deconstructed the trench coats to make unusual but creative pieces. Whether it was removing the arms of the trench coat and adding an extra layer of material, to create an uncommon look. Or whether Tisci decided to just simply remove the back of trench coats to reveal swimwear illustrated with abstract prints.

An image from the Burberry’s men’s collection, demonstrating Tisci’s innovative creations of dissembling and then rebuilding the trench coat look.
An example from the women’s SS22 collection, where Tisci has removed the back of the coat in order to unveil the abstract printed swimsuit.

The last thing I wanted to show you guys was this beautiful zebra print top, matched with some silver sparkly bikini bottoms and to top it off with a transparent trench coat. This was my favourite look, everything down to the raw detail in the top, drew me in. What I liked most about this look was the presentation of it and how every tiny part of the design has been checked, and I think it was one of the pieces that truly outlined the ‘Animal Instinct’ feature in Burberry’s new collection, and I mean I especially love those sparkly bikini bottoms because who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle.

If any of these looks interest you, and you want to get a jumpstart into the new trends of 2022, head over to Burberry’s website, have a scroll through and see more of the Animal Instinct collection. Shop the looks and live a trendy Spring/Summer season! Jess K x