Are you missing your charity shops? Here’s how to find your vintage goodies online


The new digital world has expanded once again, but this time to satisfy our vintage hunting habit.

Seeing as the high streets are now closed and our thirst for bargain hunting continues to thrive, it’s to no surprise we’re all getting a little irritable with the never-ending current climate we are still having to endure. Missing the little things that we once took for granted, like going into a charity shop and finding an absolute diamond, limited edition, signature piece that was clearly made for you. There’s no feeling quite like it when you’re rummaging through the pile of clothes and you find that one item *silent sob*.

On Pinterest we found @sophie.seddon displaying dreamy vintage aesthetics.

So, to keep our minds off the normality we so dearly crave, the only logical thing to do is to turn to online shopping. Buying the most pointless, unnecessary items you could possibly think of all while spending money we shouldn’t be. But judgment and reasoning aren’t my area of expertise, so that new pair of white chunky sock boots; that I can’t wear ANYWHERE, but still somehow enters my basket without a second thought and then suddenly, out of nowhere, “Thank You for Your Order” pops up on the screen, followed shortly after with regret. So, I send it back, full of shame and then the cycle repeats itself all over again. I surely can’t be the only one…

But what if I told you there was an online shop, where you can buy, one of a kind, vintage items, that defiantly don’t deserve to be sent back. An online, virtual shopping experience where you can create your very own shop window for users to browse and buy from. A digital high street if you will. I know, you’re just as excited as I am, the ability to be creative and sell old items that you don’t need and profiting from it. Well look no further because is launching this month and I’m here to tell you all the goss.

farleigh website image. is a new, London-based, conscious sustainable social shopping platform for users to buy, sell and curate items through virtual shop windows.  

“, is a social marketplace – a bit like Pinterest but shoppable; a bit like Depop but more curated; a bit like Instagram but more mindful.”

An explanation of what and where sits in the social sector, a description from their PR team. is unique in its concept but sits at the intersection between Depop, Pinterest and Instagram.  If Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding and sharing image inspiration; is a discovery engine of shoppable products – everything from homeware to jewellery and clothes. offers preloved but also beautifully, sustainably designed products from small to medium size independents. Shoppers can discover items off a shoppable news feed. So, to make this simpler; imagine your scrolling through Instagram looking at all the accounts you follow and enjoy, but you see something you like in the image, for example in the background you like that lamp she has on her bedside table. On Farleigh you can purchase it; without having to faff on google trying to find a lamp similar to the one you just saw, it’s all there ready for you to make your purchase. It’ll then be shipped and delivered to your home for you to enjoy your new boujee lamp.

You can find quirky, one-of-a-kind pieces on, just like you would if you went to a charity shop or a vintage fair. But seeing as right now we can’t do either of those things, is here to satisfy our needs.

I hope I have inspired you to start searching for your vintage diamond.