ASOS trials new ‘See My Fit’ AR tool

Asos has started trialling a new software with ‘See My Fit’, an augmented reality tool that shows a clothing piece in different sizes and on different body types. Asos is the first retailer in Europe to test the technology. It’s not yet available website-wide, but on certain ‘Asos design’ dresses you now have a ‘Models’ tab, which you can click and see your chosen style on sizes from UK4 to UK18 and heights from 5’1” to 5’11”. The See My Fit technology works by digitally mapping the product on each model by taking size, cut and fit into consideration.

I think it’s a brilliant step in the right direction regarding the fact that the site is promoting clothing on realistic body shapes, for real women. However my issue with this new feature is the fact the clothing is still edited on models. Being a multi- million dollar company who are shooting new clothing every day for the website, it makes no sense to me using augmented reality to simulate dresses on these women. The only true way to see how a piece of clothing looks is to have a real body representing how the clothing drapes and fits the body. I was interested on what others thought so have asked women to give their opinions- included below. 

“Well clothes look different on all different body shapes, so it’s good to see what something would look like on a body shape similar to your own. Especially with more clothing only being available to buy online, it gives you the confidence that the pieces would suit you, and therefore makes you buy more” -Ness 

“Although I think it is a cool feature to have, I still wouldn’t trust that the clothes would look like that on me, I also would prefer a feature like this for more practical items that are hard to buy online, like jeans they’re a nightmare and this feature would be genuinely useful.”- Lauren

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is the future of online shopping? Or a technology gimmick. As always we’d love to know your opinion. All socials are @carbononcampus.

Rosie Stewart