Best Doc Marten collabs in history.

With the recent release of Dr Martens x Rick Owens collaboration, at Carbon, we wanted to take a look at the best Doc Marten collabs in history! With iconic pairs from bands, designers and celebs, there are just so many pairs to choose from. Which ones are your favourite? Let us know!

1. DM’s X Rick Owens.

DM’s have just released their latest collaboration with American Fashion Designer Rick Owens who is best known for his post-apocalyptic take on fashion. This collab is in two parts; one released now in March and one in two months time; May. The collection explores Owens’ dark, experimental aesthetic, looking at shapes and breaking boundaries alongside the classic DM boot shape! The first release shows a classic boot with an extravagant lacing system, never seen before! How do you feel about it?

2. DM’s X Lazy Oaf.

The second collaboration is with the iconic Lazy Oaf; a streetwear clothing brand for mean and women, inspired by youth culture, nostalgia and rebellion. This collaboration crosses cute and alternative together, with the added embelishments of hearts on the tongue and the cutest buckle ever seen!

3. DM’s X Black Sabbath.

Collaborating with the iconic English Metal band; Black Sabbath, Doc Marten’s dropped this collaboration celebrating 50 years since Sabbath released their debut record, changing the music industry forever. The boots include artwork from albums and even include imprints of the band’s name on them. What’s more metal than that?

4. DM’s X Hello Kitty.

Doc Marten’s then collaborated with Sanrio’s cutest character; Hello Kitty! This collection includes boots of all shapes and sizes, but the most iconic is for sure the platform sandal. Cute, sweet, comfy but still a classic statement from Doc Marten’s!

5. DM’s X X-Girl.

Doc Marten’s then collaborated with X-Girl, a brand rebelling against mainstream clothing for girls. This collaboration features the classic DM Jadon boot with an elevated touch, with patterns and texture, relating back to the 80’s and 90’s fashion rebellion.

6. DM’s X The Sex Pistols.

Of course, DM’s had to collaborate with The Sex Pistols; the revolutionary English Punk Rock Band. They opened up the public’s views to music, attitude and fashion, and did use the Doc Marten boot as a statement at the time in the 70’s.

7. DM’s X Schott NYC.

Doc Marten’s then collaborated with Schott NYC; an American clothing brand best known for their leather jackets built from perfectly smooth leather. The collaboration is enhanced with more zips, metal hardware stars and intricate details, alongside DM’s staple yellow stitching.

8. DM’s X Jean-Michel Basquiat.

This collaboration pays tribute to Jean- Michel Basquiat, American self-taught Artist. He made such an impact on the art industry and has influenced people all over the world. The collection features drawings, illustrations and textures from Basquiat, paying respects to his impactful, unique work.

9. DM’s X King Nerd.

Doc Marten’s collaborated with the extraordinary designer; King Nerd who uses his artistic skills to create breathtaking engravings and patterns. He spent 15 years working on his craft and now, they are showcased on DM’s iconic boots, adding beauty, style and edge to the classic shape.

10. DM’s X Marc Jacobs.

The final collaboration on our list is with Marc Jacobs, the iconic American Fashion Designer most known for his unpredictable, unique perspective on everything! This collection features boots draped in charms on vegan-friendly leather, representing the mind of Marc Jacobs. A defining moment in his career was his 1993 catwalk show, when he sent his models down the runway in Doc Marten boots, which was completely unexpected but iconic within the industry. And now, the collaboration is a dream come true and it fills our grunge, unique fantasy!

Now we have shown the top 10 collaborations, which one is your favourite? Will you be seen in platform Hello Kitty sandals or are you more of a Black Sabbath type of person? Let us know!

Written by Tara Larkin.