6 Brands men need to know about

Often men can struggle to find clothes that will fit the occasion they’re attending and have it suit them as an individual too. Here’s some places to check out and try to find clothes that fulfill both those wants from a store.

Topman – smart casual

A high street shop that is easy to navigate and reliable to offer exactly what you need. They also always have the latest trend that would help you keep up with looking as fresh as possible. With a wide range that suits a variety of different styles, it accommodates just about any man.

Urban Outfitters – casual

Probably one of the best stores to go for guys that sells stuff before it’s seen as in trend. They are always ahead of the game when it comes to providing the newest and trendiest clothes. There prices can range depending on if you go for their own brand or one of the brands they also sell but it’s always worth checking out.

Nike – leisurewear

Without a doubt one of the biggest and most popular brands for clothing on the planet. It’s rare you’ll go a day without seeing that iconic tick. Comfortable, high quality and a massive almost unlimited range of clothes, Nike is just the go to for day to day wear. Not to mention their popularity has increased with vintage clothing that’s under their name being highly sought after.

ASOS – any occasion at all

Holding a lot of brands within it’s website. ASOS accommodates clothing for any possible event you need to buy for. Probably the widest selection and offering prices of a wide selection which can suit anyone. Easy to navigate. However, only downfall would be that you can’t try stuff on so sizing will have to be checked and may have to be sent back if it’s wrong.

Weekday – casual

Similar to Urban Outfitters, they provide a lot of high quality items for a decent price. Comfort is definitely something you can find here. There’s a fair amount of casual-formal clothing that you can buy from them too meaning again you can shop here for a range of clothing that you might need.

Tommy Hilfiger – formal/casual

Made seemingly for someone who is looking for the best of both worlds. Tommy Hilfiger allows you to find both casual and formal clothes in one store with wide ranges for both. Not favouring one over the other. There’s also a lot of colour range in the options, currently they have a lot of spring and summer colours to suit the season.

By Jasmin Fee