Brands that are taking a more sustainable approach on underwear

By Shannon Rouse 

As we are starting to become an Eco-friendlier generation with upcycling, reselling and charity shopping. Something that we would not do any of these with would be our underwear, so how could we be more conscious of our decisions on wear we buy our underwear from and how sustainable they are for the environment. 

So, let’s talk about you and your under wear are you a matching set? padded? Non padded? Are you buy new underwear when it starts to look shabby? or have you still got your SpongeBob knickers from when you were 13? Whichever you are let’s look at which companies could help you make a better preference when buying those nice new undies. 

A lot of underwear companies have made it a plan to make there products more sustainable and accessible, to help us all be more environmentally friendly.


Boody is an Australian brand, they use bamboo yarn to make their products because it’s easy on the skin hypoallergenic and highly breathable. 

They say that products are “good for you and our planet”.

Lounge underwear

Lounge underwear was launched in 2015 in a living room of its cofounders the brand has many different ranges one of these ranges are a sustainable approach to underwear, loungewear and apparel including swimwear.

Ann summers 

Ann summers is another brand that also has a new and improved approach on their underwear with there new sustainable sexy lace range the underwear is made from 100% recycled polyester they’ve also kept it the same price as their old range they want us to have a “Dirty mind but a clean conscious”.