`Brave Hendrik`s New Identities`-Dirk Vaessen`s abstract shoe collection

LCFMA22, London College of Fashion Master of Fine Arts` catwalk, showroom, and exhibition took place at London Fashion Week from 17-19 of February. The annual show helps the students in their final year to showcase their final projects to help launch their careers and to celebrate their creative excellence.

The people who choose to attend the catwalk had the opportunity to experience amazing projects like Constanze Bachmann`s exploring fashion through auditory stimulation or Dirk Vaessen`s  `Brave Hendrik`s New Identities` collection which got a fair amount of attention on social media. i_D Magazine`s TikTok video of the walk currently has more than 20 million views.

The collection was named after Vaessen`s alter-ego who lives in 2070 and it explores true identity and posture modification. The abstract shoes are made of aluminium, wood, and leather created by different techniques like milling, laser cutting, and water jet cutting.

The designer said the shoes are not meant to be worn but to tell a story and to make people think about certain concepts.

“Brave Hendrik means in Dutch, ‘a person who sticks excessively to the rules and who will never be out of line.’ However, in English the word ‘brave’ means courage, heroism, and fearlessness. The combination of these two meanings is what my collection is about. You have to be brave to go outside the lines… (and my name is Hendrik.)”-said in an interview with UAL.

Written by: Alexandra Toth